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First lady Melania Trump slaps at President Trump's hand on Tel Aviv tarmac in Israel - AOL

President Trump and wife, Melania, touched down in Israel on Monday morning, and their arrival included a strange tarmac moment between the U.S. commander in chief and first lady. The president and first lady were greeted in Tel Aviv by Israeli Prime ...and more »

WATCH: First Lady Melania Trump Appears to Swat Away the President's Hand in Viral Clip -

There was no husband-wife hand-holding as President Donald Trump and his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, arrived Tel Aviv, Israel, on Monday, the second stop on their eight-day tour to five countries. As the Trumps walked away from Air Force One on the ...and more »

Melania Trump puts her hand up for greater White House role - Financial Times

It was a deft, ninja-like gesture. As Donald and Melania Trump made their red carpet exit from a press conference in Israel, the president appeared to reach for the first lady's hand — only to be rebuffed by a flick of his wife's wrist. The move might ...and more »

Video clip of Donald and Melania Trump failing to hold hands overshadows Israel arrival - The Guardian

The US first lady appears to brush off her husband's attempt to hold her hand as they arrive in Israel. Martin Belam. Mon 22 May 2017 12.55 EDT Last modified on Fri 9 Feb 2018 13.43 EST. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter · Share via Email. This ...and more »

Melania Trump swats Donald Trump's hand away as he attempts to hold it multiple times on his trip abroad - Business Insider

During President Trump's first international trip, a couple of awkward moments happened between him and Melania in which she appeared to swat away his hand-holding attempts. On two separate occasions, Trump appears to attempt to hold Melania's hand, ...and more »

People can't stop talking about the weird body language between Donald and Melania Trump - Business Insider

REUTERS/Amir Cohen The internet is heavily scrutinizing first lady Melania Trump's body language toward President Donald Trump during their first trip abroad since he took office in January. Over the last two days, Melania appeared to swat away and ...and more »

President Trump and Melania Trump are bad at holding hands - Washington Post

Another day, another botched attempt at hand-holding for President Trump and first lady Melania Trump. The first couple deplaned in Rome on Tuesday as part of their nine-day trip abroad, and for the second time in as many days, couldn't seem to get ...and more »

Watch Melania Trump (Appear to) Slap Donald Trump's Hand Away From Hers on a Tarmac in Israel - Slate Magazine (blog)

One imagines that many world leaders throughout history—especially those named Bill Clinton—have made public appearances with their spouses while their relationships, in private, were less than serene. Still, you rarely see tension break through in ...and more »

Melania Trump seems to swat away her husband's hand on the Tel Aviv tarmac - Washington Post

If public appearances by a president and first lady are political theater, first lady Melania Trump and her husband, President Trump, miiight want to work on their choreography. A brief moment caught on camera during the first couple's arrival at the ...and more »

Is Melania Trump Late Night's New Champion? - Vanity Fair

Who would have thought that Donald Trump's trip abroad would provide such an amusing look into his marriage? Melania Trump's repeated apparent rejection of the president's attempts to hold her hand—yes, she's apparently done it twice now!—has been ...and more »