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The Gulf Crisis: Southeast Asia Has Seen It All Before - Fair Observer

In Southeast Asia, no country had the ambition or ruthlessness of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Two competing visions of ensuring regime survival are battling it out in the Gulf. To Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the Arab Uprisings of 2011 ...and more »

New lines in the sand in the Middle East - EURACTIV

The Middle East used to be known for its stale continuity. But with the Qatar crisis now in its third week, the region is finding itself convulsed in its biggest diplomatic shakeup in decades, warns Willem Oosterveld. Willem Oosterveld is a strategic ...and more »

The Real Security Threats on Iran's Periphery - LobeLog

by Seyed Hossein Mousavian. Pressure has once again become the name of the game in regards to U.S. policy on Iran. The Senate has passed sweeping new sanctions, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has declared that the U.S. will “counter Iran's ...and more »

How Israeli/Saudi 'Alliance' Plays Trump - Consortium News

As novices to the world of Mideast intrigue, President Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner are being led by Israel and Saudi Arabia into a dangerous confrontation with Iran, explains former British diplomat Alastair Crooke. By Alastair Crooke The ...and more »

Israel and Saudi's secret ambition: Is it on track? - Middle East Eye

Two land corridors preoccupy the minds of Israeli leaders and military chiefs. One is a source of concern, the other is a source of hope: both are connected and derive from the same strategy. The first land corridor, the one which worries Israel, is ...and more »

Reality Check: What Indo-Iranian Civilisational Ties? - Swarajya

The one-sided Indian romance with Iran over some imaginary civilisational and cultural ties is not only misguided but dangerous. We might be falling into a trap by investing billions of dollars into a country that is not ready to give concrete ...and more »

Major 'Free Iran' Gathering to Take Place in Paris - Morocco World News

By Hassan Mahmoudi. Paris- Hundreds of distinguished political personalities and lawmakers from the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, will join the annual Free Iran gathering in Paris on Saturday to discuss the solutions to the problems of ...and more »

Boy Left Alone at Sea with Father Killed by Saudis - IFP News

An Iranian fisherman was recently shot dead by Saudi coast guards in front of his son's eyes. The son has narrated the sad story of the tragic night when he was left alone with the body of his slain dad in the middle of the sea. “I reached the shore ...and more »

Trump: Toward War in the Middle East - Common Dreams

By staying out of the conflicts in the Middle East, the United States can benefit both American citizens and the citizens of those distant lands. by. Adil E. Shamoo. Tweet. Share. Share. Pin. Share. Share. Share. Mail. Mail. Share. Share. 1 Comments.and more »

Prelude to War: Threat to Syria Stems from US Love Triangle with Israel and Saudi Arabia - The Ring of Fire Network

On Monday night, Sean Spicer announced that the US had evidence that the Syrian government was preparing for another chemical attack and issued a threat saying that the Syrian government would bear a “heavy price” if they carried out such an attack.and more »