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Will Turkey's referendum mark the end of democracy and the birth of 'Erdoğanistan'? - The Conversation AU

Is Erdoğan (on the right) projecting himself as the next Atatürk (on the left), modern Turkey's revered founding father? Umit Bektas/Reuters. Will Turkey's referendum mark the end of democracy and the birth of 'Erdoğanistan'? April 13, 2017 10.14pm EDT ...and more »

Turkish referendum grants more power to Erdogan: Democracy no more? - The Conversation US

Doga Ulas Eralp does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organization that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. Partners. American ...and more »

'Worse than the referendum itself' is Turkey's tragic polarization - Deutsche Welle

Although the opposition fared well at the Turkish referendum, fear is growing in Turkey. Making art is extraordinarily difficult, says German author and playwright Moritz Rinke - but critical voices are needed there. Erdogan poster and supporters ...and more »

Why many Turks in Germany voted 'yes' in Erdogan's referendum - Deutsche Welle

Hundreds of thousands of expat Turkish citizens in Germany voted in favor of giving sweeping new powers to the office of the Turkish president. Many Germans, and Turks who voted "no," are taken aback. turks standing lin line with flag in background ...and more »

Germany holds Erdogan 'personally' responsible for Turkey's referendum - Deutsche Welle

The German government has voiced concern over the narrow result of Turkey's referendum to expand the president's powers. Amid widening protests, analysts have warned that social unrest may spread following the vote. A German and Turkish flag wave in ...and more »

Anti-Erdogan protests held as Turkey extends state of emergency - Deutsche Welle

Turkey's National Security Council has called for the country's state of emergency to be extended for another three months. Thousands of protestors in Istanbul have denounced new powers granted to President Erdogan. Error loading player: Could not load ...and more »

Turkish expats living in Europe approve Erdogan power grab - Deutsche Welle

Many Turks living abroad are welcoming the result of a referendum that gives extended powers to President Erdogan. But some European politicians are mulling measures against those who approve authoritarian rule. Belgien Türkei-Referendum | Erdogan ...and more »

OSCE: Turkey referendum 'contested on an unlevel playing field' - Deutsche Welle

Observers have said the Turkish referendum fell short of international standards, arguing both sides did not have equal campaign opportunities. Turkey's president said monitors should not criticize, but know their place. Error loading player: Could not ...and more »

Opinion: Turkey's new era as Erdogan takes it all - Deutsche Welle

It wasn't a landslide, but President Erdogan got what he wanted. As the AKP celebrates the win, many questions are unanswered, DW's Seda Serdar writes. Was the voting fair? And is election season over or just beginning? Türkei Referendum | Jubel ...and more »

Opinion: Turkish referendum must be a wake-up call for Germany - Deutsche Welle

A large majority of Turks here in Germany voted in favor of extending Erdogan's authority. Germany needs to respond by taking a good, honest look at its sense of itself as an immigration country, says DW's Ines Pohl. Symbolbild Deutschland - Türkei ...and more »