Goodbye, Twitter eggs! Default profile picture has changed - The Mercury News

Twitter on Friday said it was changing its default profile picture from an egg to a human silhouette. By Queenie Wong | |. PUBLISHED: March 31, 2017 at 1:02 pm | UPDATED: March 31, 2017 at 2:35 pm. Twitter is cracking all ...and more »

Twitter Is Ditching the Egg Profile Picture -

All new Twitter users start with the same profile picture: a white cartoon egg on a colorful background. But over the years, the images known as "eggs" have gotten a pretty bad rap. They're often associated with Twitter trolls (though not ALL are), as ...and more »

Twitter Bids Adieu to Egg Avatar - PC Magazine

An egg avatar on Twitter has become synonymous with hateful trolls, so Twitter is making a change. In a blog post Friday, the company acknowledged "an association between the default egg profile photo and negative behavior," which the company said "isn ...and more »

Twitter wants you to stop saying 'Twitter eggs' - The Verge

Twitter has changed the default profile picture for new accounts from an egg on one of seven different background colors to what they described to Fast Company as a “gumdrop-headed human.” They claim the human is genderless, and that is technically ...and more »

Twitter is ditching the egg avatar - USA TODAY

Twitter's egg avatar, often a symbol of anonymous online harassment on the social media service, is no more. On Friday, Twitter confirmed it's ditching the egg in favor of a more generic, default icon resembling a human figure. Twitter cites several ...and more »

Twitter changes its default profile photo from an egg to a human-shaped blob - Macworld

On Friday, Twitter introduced a new default profile picture, switching from the well-known egg to a simple human silhouette. Twitter hopes this change will encourage users to replace the default image with a real photo of themselves, dissuading people ...and more »

Twitter is getting rid of the egg avatar (because that will totally fix the abuse problem) - TechCrunch

Everyone knows that Twitter has a harassment problem. And while the service has tried things like banning abusive users (both on a temporary and permanent basis) it hasn't really fixed the problem. Today, they're announcing another sweeping change that ...and more »

Twitter Addresses Nazi Egg Problem By Making Nazis Look Like Something Else - Gizmodo Australia

On Friday, Twitter unveiled a new default profile pic for users, swapping out the site's ubiquitous egg avatars for a human-like blob. According to the company, the move was made to encourage "people to express themselves" after noticing "an ...and more »

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Twitter's new default profile image is a generic gray human silhouette. Twitter. It's time to bid farewell to Twitter's ubiquitous default profile image -- the egg. The social media site decided it was time for an upgrade. Now, for those people who ...and more »

Twitter kills the egg avatar, replaces it with something worse and doesn't it have more important things to do? - Mashable

On Friday — following the unveiling of its messy new replies feature — rather than making strides against the noted hate speech problem on Twitter, the social media platform revealed it would changing its iconic troll default egg avatar to some weird ...and more »