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Venezuela's crisis explained from the beginning -

Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, saw almost daily demonstrations from April to June, some of which turned violent. The opposition accuses President Nicolas Maduro of moving towards a dictatorship, and want him to resign. But Maduro says the ...and more »

Venezuelans' Life Ratings Crumble With Their Country - Gallup

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Ahead of the swelling protests in Venezuela, just 13% of Venezuelans in 2016 rated their lives positively enough to be considered "thriving" -- a far cry from the 57% who were thriving the year before President Nicolas Maduro took ...and more »

Venezuela: Humanitarian Crisis Spilling into Brazil - Human Rights Watch

Hammocks where members of the Venezuelan Warao indigenous community sleep at a shelter in Boa Vista. Others sleep on the floor inside the shelter. February 11, 2017. © 2017 César Muñoz Acebes/Human Rights Watch. (Washington, DC) – Venezuela's ...and more »

"The Maduro Diet": A Photo Essay from Venezuela - Americas Quarterly

Shortages and a crumbling economy have forced Venezuelans to change their eating habits; many are losing weight and battling malnutrition. MaduroDiet. Empty fridges have become an increasingly common sight for many Venezuelans. Rafael Hernandez ...and more »

5 things to understand about oil-rich, cash-poor Venezuela - Deutsche Welle

Venezuela is flush with oil, but strapped for cash. Empty store shelves and hospitals short on medicine have driven its people to desperation. DW outlines five key points to understanding the oil-based crisis. Protests in Venezuela. Venezuela on the ...and more »

Venezuela on the brink - Deutsche Welle

Venezuela is facing collapse amid multiple crises. DW takes a look at what brought the oil-rich nation to its knees. Protests in Venezuela. The last straw. Violent protests erupted across the country following a Supreme Court decision in late March to ...and more »

Venezuelan protests against government leave three dead - Reuters

CARACAS/SAN CRISTOBAL, Venezuela (Reuters) - Two Venezuelan students and a National Guard sergeant died on Wednesday after being shot during protests against unpopular leftist President Nicolas Maduro, increasing turmoil in the volatile nation amid a ...and more »

Venezuela Erupts In 'Mother Of All Protests' As Anti-Maduro Sentiment Seethes - NPR

Racked by food shortages and political unrest, Venezuela swelled with what organizers are calling the "mother of all protests" on Wednesday. Demonstrators have taken to the streets in the capital, Caracas, and other major cities across the country to ...and more »

Mother of All Marches' Turns Violent in Venezuela -

Demonstrators clash with police during the so-called "mother of all marches" in Caracas, Venezuela April 19, 2017. CARLOS GARCIA RAWLINS / Reuters. Share; Share · Tweet · Comment · Email; Print. Clashes between protesters and security forces erupted in ...and more »

Venezuela slams nations for 'meddling' over protest call - BBC News

Venezuela's Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez has criticised as "rude meddling" a joint communique by 11 Latin American countries calling on Venezuela's government to "guarantee the right to peaceful protest". The 11 countries also condemned the death ...and more »