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Russian Carrier Is Bound for Syria, Flexing Muscle but Risking Malfunction - New York Times

MOSCOW — The Admiral Kuznetsov, Russia's lone, rather geriatric aircraft carrier, steamed through the English Channel toward the Mediterranean Sea on Friday in the Kremlin's latest attempt to reassert its lost superpower status. Belching thick black ...and more »

Belching smoke through the Channel, Russian aircraft carrier so unreliable it sails with its own breakdown tug -

The ageing Russian aircraft carrier that sailed through the English Channel escorted by the Royal Navy has been plagued by years of technical problems and is accompanied everywhere by a tug in case it breaks down. The plumbing is so bad on the 55,000 ...and more »

Russian warships pass through Channel watched by Royal Navy - The Guardian

Royal Navy vessels are monitoring Russian warships as they pass through the Channel, potentially bringing supplies to the bombing campaign against the Syrian city of Aleppo. Michael Fallon, the defence secretary, promised this week that the Russian ...and more »

Britain's Royal Navy is 'man-marking' Russian warships en route to Syria - Business Insider

The British Royal Navy has sent warships to "man-mark," or closely watch, Russia's northern fleet as it prepares to pass though the English Channel. The Russian fleet includes the Admiral Kuznetsov, Russia's only aircraft carrier. "When these ships ...and more »

UK combat jets buzz Russian carrier in English Channel to 'take photos' – media - RT

Two UK Royal Airforce (RAF) combat jets flew over the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetzov in a “show of presence” as it passed the English Channel, the Times reports. The vessel, accompanied by seven more ships, is heading to the Mediterranean ...and more »

Russian warships point their guns towards British soil in provocative display off the coast of Dover -

Machine guns at the ready, terrifying armed soldiers stare at Dover locals from on board a Russian military ship just off the British coast today. As these extraordinary photographs show, the Russian personnel were clad in bullet-proof vests and ...and more »

Russian warships to sail down English Channel today in provocative pincer movement -

A flotilla of Russian warships is set to sail down the English Channel today is an provocative display of military force with tensions between Britain and Vladimir Putin at breaking point. In overnight talks with EU leaders Theresa May blasted Putin ...and more »

Tensions rise as Royal Navy destroyers sent to meet Russian warships heading towards Britain -

Two Royal Navy destroyers have been sent to meet a Russian aircraft carrier and other Russian warships heading towards the English Channel. It is understood a taskforce including the carrier Admiral Kuznetsov is on a course to sail through the North ...and more »

Russia's naval task force: Power play or just theatre? - BBC News

A Russian aircraft carrier and other warships will soon head towards the UK. The naval task force from Russia's Northern Fleet will proceed past the British Isles, down to Gibraltar, and through the Mediterranean Sea to join the Russian combat mission ...and more »

Russia's Large Aircraft Carrier Leads Warships Towards Mediterranean - Newsweek

Admiral Kuznetsov A photo taken from a Norwegian surveillance aircraft shows Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov in international waters off the coast of northern Norway, October 17, 2016. 333 Squadron, Norwegian Royal Airforce/NTB Scanpix ...and more »