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The Orionid Meteor Shower Will Peak Tonight. Don't Expect Much. - New York Times

Thursday night's Orionid meteor shower will most likely be a bust, thanks to the pesky moon. The Orionids are named because they appear to radiate from the direction of the Orion constellation. But during their peak Thursday night and Friday morning ...and more »

Orionids 2016: A Poor Year for a Good Meteor Shower -

A Perseid meteor streaks across the sky left of the hoodoo named Thor's Hammer early on August 13, 2016 in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images. Along with the Geminids in December and the Perseids in August, the most ...and more »

Halley's Comet Debris: Peak 2016 Orionids Meteor Shower Visible Across LA Tonight -

Debris from Halley's Comet, the Orionids meteor shower, peaks Thursday night with up to 20 "shooting stars" per hour, says NASA. By Paige Austin, Patch Staff | Oct 20, 2016 11:53 pm ET | Updated Oct 20, 2016 11:55 pm ET. 0. LOS ANGELES, CA -- Tonight's ...and more »

Clear night sky? Look out for the Orionids meteors tonight - euronews

This month Earth crosses the orbital path of comet trails promising dazzling night displays of shooting stars in the northern hemisphere – that is if you can get far away from city lights and in near total darkness. If the night sky is clear and dark ...and more »

Orionid meteor shower to dazzle onlookers as it peaks late this week -

Orionid meteors will streak across the night sky as the shower is set to peak late this week. The Orionid meteor shower is a moderate shower that produces about 25 meteors per hour on the peak night. "The Orionids are one of the top five meteor showers ...and more »

Orionids Meteor Shower 2017: When is it happening and how to watch it if you're in London - City A.M.

I am the social media assistant at City A.M., creating a buzz around news storie [..] Show more. Follow Nina. MYANMAR-ASTRONOMY-METEOR-SHOWER-PERSEIDS. The best time to watch the shower is between midnight and dawn (Source: Getty). Nina Edy. Look out ...and more »

Orionids Meteor Shower: What is it and where can I see it? - ITV News

The Orionids Meteor Shower can be seen by the naked eye. Credit: Flickr/Mike Lewinski. Shooting stars will light up the sky on Friday night as debris from Halley's Comet produces one of the year's most reliable meteor showers. Are shooting stars the ...and more »

How to see the Orionids, the biggest meteor shower of the season - CBS News

Along with the Geminids in December and the Perseids in August, the most reliable annual display of “shooting stars” is the Orionid meteor shower in October. Unfortunately, this year, the Orionids will face a formidable handicap. When the Orionid ...and more »

Orionid meteors will compete with the Moon - Astronomy Magazine

A waning gibbous Moon interferes with this year's Orionid shower, though attentive viewers still should see the brightest meteors. Astronomy: Rick Johnson. Prospects look fair for the peak of this year's Orionid meteor shower, which occurs before dawn ...and more »

Orionid Meteor Shower to Peak on Oct. 20 to 21 -- Here's What You Need to Know - Nature World News

The year is almost over but there are still plenty of celestials shows waiting to amaze the stargazing public like the Orionids meteor shower that will peak on Oct. 20 to Oct. 21. The Orionids will be lighting the sky until November but the most number ...and more »