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NES Classic will return (kind of) in updated Nintendo Switch online service - Ars Technica

Nintendo's first foray into a paid online gaming service received two major shake-ups on Thursday: a delay and a content upgrade. A Nintendo announcement clarified that Nintendo Switch Online's original paid launch window of "fall 2017" has been bumped ...and more »

Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $29.95/Year [UPDATE] - Kotaku Australia

Nintendo Switch's online service will cost $29.95/year and will launch at some point in 2018, the publisher said today. Playing Switch games online will be free until the service launches. You can also get a one-month subscription for $5.95 and a three ...and more »

Nintendo Switch Paid Online Service Delayed to 2018 - IGN Africa

Nintendo has delayed the launch of its paid online service for Switch to 2018, and the company provided the first new details regarding the new service since it was first unveiled back in January. In a post on the company's website, Nintendo outlined ...and more »

A 3D printer gave my Nintendo Switch a real D-pad - Engadget

Okay, "make" might be a bit of an overstatement -- I didn't personally design or print anything -- but when a friend of mine asked if I wanted to run anything through his new magic 3D fabrication machine, I knew exactly what I wanted. Just days after ...and more »

Switch's first “chat headset” is a mess, and that's Nintendo's fault - Ars Technica

Consider this your regularly scheduled reminder that Nintendo doesn't know what the heck it's doing with online multiplayer games. Today's story comes from Hori, a longtime gaming peripheral maker best known for its "fighting stick" controllers. The ...and more »

Nintendo Switch online service will become paid-for in 2018 - The INQUIRER

JAPANESE GAMES FIRM Nintendo hs announced that its its paid-for online service for the Switch won't launch until 2018. That's bad news, as the service was originally set to arrive in the second half of 2017. The good news is that Nintendo has confirmed ...and more »

Nintendo Switch's Online Subscription Service to Now Launch in 2018 for $20 a Year - NDTV

Nintendo has pushed back the full launch of its paid online subscription service for the Switch, while providing more details on its arrival and pricing in a few territories. While it was initially planned to launch by the end of spring 2017, it has ...and more »

Watch a Nintendo Switch fly high in the sky — and land — just like Superman - Mashable

Tarayıcınız şu anda mevcut video biçimlerinin hiçbirini tanımıyor. HTML5 videosu hakkındaki sık sorulan soruları ziyaret etmek için burayı tıklayın. YouTube'daki diğer videolar. Paylaş. Oynatma listesini dahil et. Paylaşım bilgileri alınırken bir hata ...and more »

Nintendo Switch: How safe is it for your family? -

The latest video games console to hit the market is the Nintendo Switch – and it's being advertised as a particularly family-friendly device. It's so popular in fact, that just ten months after it launched, it has outsold its predecessor, the Wii U. If ...and more »

'Splatoon 2' voice chat leaves us asking: What exactly is Nintendo smoking? - Mashable

Nintendo's solution for giving voice chat to Splatoon 2's online community is unveiled, and it's completely ridiculous. The Switch doesn't feature any built-in support for the kinds of voice chat and grouped parties common to other gaming platforms ...and more »