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Samsung is making one last push to clear Galaxy S7 inventory ahead of Galaxy S8 launch - BGR

Before I tell you what a great deal this is, you should know that Samsung's Galaxy S8 is just around the corner, and it'll likely come with various perks when you preorder it in early April. Moreover, the Galaxy S7 will be even cheaper in stores once ...and more »

Samsung's TabPro S2 could be the Surface Pro 4 killer you've been waiting for - Mashable

Samsung's TabPro S did a good job modeling itself off the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro, but it was no Surface Pro killer. With no Surface Pro 5 available (yet), Samsung might get its chance to leap ahead of the competition, assuming leaked ...and more »

Samsung battery factory bursts into flame in touching Note 7 tribute - The Register

The factory tasked with producing and later recycling the batteries for the self-detonating Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has itself fallen victim to a fire. Defective batteries and other faulty hardware stored in a recycling center went up in smoke at the ...and more »

Samsung Battery Factory Explodes in China - Fortune

A Samsung SDI battery manufacturing facility in China caught fire on Wednesday after faulty lithium-ion batteries went up in flames, the company confirmed to Reuters. The fire occurred in an area of the factory where battery waste, including bad ...and more »

Samsung Batteries Cause Fire at China Factory - Sixth Tone

Blaze in Tianjin factory, in which no-one was injured, said to have been caused in part by lithium batteries. Owen Churchill. Feb 08, 2017 2-min read. Following a string of injuries resulting from Galaxy Note 7 handsets and their spontaneously ...and more »

Samsung's Battery Factory Caught on Fire Because of Course It Did - Gizmodo

Just when you almost forgot about what a shitty time Samsung's been having, a literal garbage fire broke out at the company's battery supplier in Tianjin, China. The cause? Discarded faulty batteries. Reuters reports that it was just a “minor fire ...and more »

Fire breaks out at Samsung factory responsible for Note 7 battery production - AppleInsider (press release) (blog)

The Galaxy Note 7 battery saga continues to cause problems for Samsung, as a fire broke out Wednesday at a facility used in the production of the faulty batteries found in the discontinued smartphone. The fire at Samsung SDI Co. in Tianjin, northern ...and more »

Samsung's Note 7 Battery Supplier Has Fire at China Factory - Bloomberg

a supplier of batteries to explosion-prone Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, said a “minor fire” broke out at a plant in northern China but was quickly put out. To continue reading this article you must be a Bloomberg Professional Service Subscriber. Read ...and more »

Samsung's Exploding Batteries Caused a Factory Fire That Required 110 Firefighters - Observer

It turns out Samsung's faulty batteries are not done starting fires. Earlier today, a fire broke out at Samsung SDI Co Ltd factory in China. The fire was not on the production line, but rather in the part of the facility used for waste, including ...and more »

Samsung factory fire caused by faulty batteries - The Guardian

'Minor' fire at Galaxy Note 7 battery supplier's Tianjin plant saw 110 firefighters and 19 trucks sent to put out blaze, according to emergency services. Samuel Gibbs. Wed 8 Feb 2017 11.31 EST Last modified on Sun 16 Jul 2017 17.10 EDT. Share on ...and more »