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Uber App Can Secretly Record the Screen of iPhone Users - Newsweek

An undocumented feature in the Uber app could allow the ride-hailing company to record the screen of iPhone users, security researchers have discovered. Mobile security expert Will Strafach uncovered a special permission granted by Apple that allowed ...and more »

Uber App For iOS May Have Secretly Taken iPhone Screenshots, And Apple Allowed It - Tech Times

The Uber app for iOS was found to have the ability to take the screenshots of iPhones without the knowledge of users. The controversial feature adds to the ever-growing list of scandals and problems of the ride-hailing company, but the twist to this ...and more »

Uber app can silently record iPhone screens, researcher finds - ZDNet

(Image: file photo). Uber has said it will remove code from its iPhone app that security researchers say could let the ride-sharing app record the screen -- even when the app is closed. Will Strafach, a security researcher, discovered this week that ...and more »

Uber app can silently record iPhone screens, security researcher finds -

DID you know that Apple granted Uber an undocumented permission that allows it to record anything on your screen without your knowledge? 9, 201711:07am. Video; Image. Play Video. Play. Mute. Current Time 0:00. /. Duration Time 0:00 ...and more »

Apple gave Uber 'disturbing' access to users' iPhone data -

Apple granted Uber the unprecedented and "disturbing" ability to record what was displayed on users' iPhone screens, researchers have found. Uber's app had special permissions that let it see what was happening on users' devices at any time, even while ...and more »

Uber's app can secretly spy on your iPhone - Fox News

File photo: The Uber app for iOS has been given a unique privilege on the operating system which allows the app to spy on the iPhone's screen, a researcher has discovered. (REUTERS/Tyrone Siu). The Uber app for iOS has been given a unique privilege on ...and more »

Apple gave Uber's app 'unprecedented' access to sensitive Apple features that can record iPhone screens - Business Insider

Uber's iPhone app has a secret back door to powerful Apple features, allowing the ride-hailing service to potentially record a user's screen and access other personal information without their knowledge. This access to special iPhone functions — which ...and more »

Apple gave Uber explicit permission to record iPhone screens, says researcher - The INQUIRER

CRAPSI CAB company Uber has the power to secretly record iPhone users screens, according to new research. Now, we're not saying it has or it will, but it can, as part of a drive (arf) to extend the functionality between the iPhone and Apple Watch which ...and more »

Uber App Has Access to Special iPhone Functions That Can Record Your Screen -

The unprecedented access to off-limits Apple features raise more questions around Uber's business practices. By Kif Leswing. Business Insider. WRITE A COMMENT. This image is hidden. Click to adjust visibility. Add Image. CREDIT: Getty Images. Uber's ...and more »

Report: Uber app can secretly record your iPhone screen thanks to special 'entitlement' - TNW

A security researcher this week uncovered special permissions in Uber's app that allow the company to access new screen-recording features in iOS 11. Will Strafach, the researcher that uncovered the “entitlement,” said these features are normally off ...and more »