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Lawmakers: Get Pokémon Go out of Holocaust Museum - The Hill

Three members of Congress on Wednesday sent a bipartisan letter to Niantic, the company behind the Pokémon Go app, urging it to disable the a popular mobile game inside the Holocaust Museum. ADVERTISEMENT. The request comes a day after the museum ...and more »

Holocaust Museum to visitors: Please stop catching Pokémon here - Washington Post

Almost everywhere you turn, it seems, people have their eyes glued to smartphone screens playing Pokémon Go. Since its launch last week, the app has quickly become a cultural phenomenon that has fans of all ages hunting around their neighborhoods for ...and more »

Museums and Landmarks Have a Love/Hate Relationship With Pokémon Go - Travel+Leisure

Millions of people are walking around with their eyes glued to their phones, trying to find characters in the augmented reality game that are sometimes in the most unexpected of places. The Holocaust Memorial Museum, in Washington, D.C., was one of the ...and more »

Where Pokémon Should Not Go - New York Times

Are there places where Pokémon should not be allowed to tread? The digital creatures, which appear overlaid on the real world as part of the hit smartphone game Pokémon Go, have been reported at the former concentration camp Auschwitz in Poland, the ...and more »

Pokémon Go: US holocaust museum asks players to stay away - The Guardian

A woman holds up her mobile phone as she plays Pokémon Go. Photograph: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images. The US Holocaust Memorial Museum and Arlington National Cemetery have requested that smartphone users refrain from “catching” Pokémon when they visit ...and more »

DC's monuments are trying to figure out how to deal with Pokémon Go - DC

Everywhere you look there are players swiping, roaming the District in search of Pokémon to catch, gyms to train at and PokeStops to visit. Social media is all abuzz with hot takes, and news organizations can't seem to get enough — posting stories ...and more »

Is Pokemon Go a Blessing or Curse for Historic Sites and Museums? - Daily Beast

Game playing at the Holocaust Museum and similar sites has earned the ire of historians, but the real culprit—cellphones—could become a useful teaching tool. Kevin M. Levin. 07.13.16 3:22 PM ET. Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast. It ...and more »

Petition circulates to get Pokemon Go out of the Holocaust Museum - CNET

Relying on people's self control wasn't enough. A Care 2 petition has quickly raised more than 1,700 supporters asking developer Niantic Labs to remove the Holocaust Museum from Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is an augmented-reality game for iOS and Android ...and more »

Auschwitz museum says no to Pokemon Go - Phys.Org

The Auschwitz museum said Wednesday it had asked the makers of the popular Pokemon Go augmented reality game to block players at the former Nazi death camp out of respect for the dead. The mobile game, which involves collecting 250 cartoon "pocket ...and more »

Holocaust Museum, Auschwitz want Pokémon Go hunts out - USA TODAY

Many players reported seeing the digital Pokémon creatures within the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. The site is also being used as a “PokeStop” for players to get in-game items. Players in the mobile phone game Pokémon Go must capture ...and more »