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Xi Jinping talks tough to Hong Kong - The Economist

“ACCORDING to China's tradition, a man enters adulthood at the age of 20.” So Xi Jinping, China's president, told grandees at a ceremony in Hong Kong marking the anniversary of the handover of the territory by Britain to China in 1997. In the past two ...and more »

20 years after handover, has the Hong Kong experiment failed? From Vancouver, it can look that way - South China Morning Post

“The identity of Hong Kong ... everything will disappear” Anthony Chan. “One country, two systems is now gone.” Fenella Sung. “Look at Hong Kong ... it's a shell of what it was.” Geoffrey Ho. “Mr 689 ... He broke the system, the values of Hong Kong ...and more »

Xi Delivers Tough Speech on Hong Kong, as Protests Mark Handover Anniversary - New York Times

HONG KONG — President Xi Jinping of China delivered a tough speech Saturday at the end of a three-day visit to the semiautonomous Chinese city of Hong Kong, warning against politicizing disputes or challenging the authority of the central government.and more »

Has “one country, two systems” been a success for Hong Kong? - The Economist

THIS weekend Xi Jinping will set foot in Hong Kong for the first time since becoming president of China in 2013. The purpose of the visit is to mark the 20th anniversary, on July 1st, of the handover of the territory from Britain to China in 1997, and ...and more »

?HK20 LIVE: The July 1 democracy march, 20 years since Hong Kong's handover - Hong Kong Free Press

Join us live throughout the day as Hong Kong marks 20 years since the Handover to China with celebrations and demonstrations. Click here for full coverage. Click here for a list of events. Keep this tab open for updates. Sort by : ↓. ↑ ...and more »

Xi Jinping warns of 'red line' as Hong Kong marks 20 years of Chinese rule - CNN

Hong Kong (CNN) China's President Xi Jinping has warned that any efforts in Hong Kong "to challenge the power" of Beijing are "absolutely impermissible," as the former British colony marked 20 years of Chinese rule Saturday. "Any attempt to endanger ...and more »

HK20: Is there a long-term future for expats in a fast-changing city? - Hong Kong Free Press

As Hong Kong marks the 20th anniversary since the handover to China in 1997, it does so with a drastically different economic landscape and outlook, particularly for the many foreigners who call the city home. The city has increasingly turned towards ...and more »

HK20: Hong Kong residents seek British passports amid fears for city's future - Hong Kong Free Press

Many Hong Kong residents, worried about growing encroachment by Beijing as the financial hub marks 20 years since its return to China, are rushing to secure British passports as a safety net in the case of social unrest or the erosion of civil liberties.and more »

In Pictures: 'Schoolmaster' Xi Jinping leaves Hong Kong smarting - Hong Kong Free Press

A landmark visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to Hong Kong left little doubt that Beijing views the city as a destabilising hotbed of unacceptable political dissent that must prove its loyalty, analysts said Sunday. one country two systems july 1 ...and more »

Carrie Lam inauguration: Pres. Xi warns against 'impermissible' challenges in Hong Kong - Hong Kong Free Press

China's President Xi Jinping said Saturday Hong Kong was freer than ever before but laid down an uncrossable “red line” for any challenge to Beijing's authority as the city marked 20 years since it was handed back by Britain. Xi spoke in a televised ...and more »