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The Paris Agreement on Climate Change Is Official. Now What? - New York Times

PARIS — When the landmark Paris Agreement to address climate change officially goes into effect on Friday, the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe will be floodlit green to celebrate the occasion. Now comes the hard work: figuring out the details. Top ...and more »

What is the Paris climate agreement and who has signed it? -

"We're getting out." It was with these words that Donald Trump signified the United States' break from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change​. In a statement from the Rose Garden in Washington DC, Trump announced that the United States would be ...and more »

One Last Look: The Candidates on Climate and Energy - Undark Magazine

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are worlds apart in their stances on human-caused climate change. The folks at SciCheck, a project of, deconstruct the candidates' statements on climate and energy, issues that have received surprisingly ...and more »

Marrakech primer: 5 things to know about the next climate summit -

Moroccan workers walk at the site of the COP22 international climate conference on October 31, 2016, in Marrakesh | Stringer/AFP via Getty Images. Moroccan workers walk at the site of the COP22 international climate conference on October 31, 2016, ...and more »

UNEP: global climate action “still not good enough” - Climate Home

Greenhouse gas emissions need to fall a further 25% from projected levels in 2030 to meet 2C global warming limit, says report. Source: Flickr/Walter. By Karl Mathiesen. A day before the Paris climate agreement is fêted into international law, the UN ...and more »

How will the Paris climate agreement change your day-to-day life? - The Conversation UK

It should be a momentous occasion for the environment. In early October 2016, 55 countries with 55% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions ratified the Paris climate change agreement. On November 4, it comes into force. The main long-term goal is to ...and more »

World on track for 3C of warming under current global climate pledges, warns UN - The Guardian

Current climate commitments are insufficient to reduce emissions by the amounts needed to avoid dangerous levels of global warming, says Unep report. Fiona Harvey, environment correspondent. Thu 3 Nov 2016 07.00 EDT Last modified on Wed 14 Feb ...and more »

After years of delay, climate talks face a new problem - The Indian Express

Efforts to build a new global deal to tackle climate change were for many years criticised for moving at a glacial pace. But this week climate negotiators meeting in Morocco find themselves facing an entirely new problem: a deal that, astonishingly ...and more »

Paris climate agreement enters into force: international experts respond - The Conversation AU

The Paris climate agreement, first struck in December 2015, enters into force today. The treaty commits countries worldwide to keep carbon emissions “well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to ...and more »

The Candidates on Climate Change -

We delve into the presidential candidates' stances and claims on an issue that has received little attention in this campaign. By Vanessa Schipani. Posted on November 2, 2016. AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to Tumblr ...and more »