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Microsoft Hides A Little Master Chief Riding A Scorpion Inside The Xbox One X, Because It Can - Tech Times

Hidden inside the upcoming Xbox One X is a little Master Chief riding a scorpion, an easter egg that Xbox fans all over the world will appreciate. This is not the first time that Microsoft placed an image of Master Chief inside an Xbox One console, but ...and more »

Xbox One X console has a tiny Master Chief hidden inside - SlashGear

Microsoft's new Xbox One X — touted as the first console to offer true 4K/60fps gaming — has been fully revealed and detailed at this point, but because it doesn't go on sale until November 7th, no one has really gotten their hands on one. However ...and more »

Microsoft Details How It Made The Xbox One X - GameSpot

Compact, powerful, sleek. What we once knew as Project Scorpio is now the Xbox One X, and its launch is quickly approaching. Thanks to Xbox Wire, we now have a closer look at how the forthcoming console came to fruition after three years of engineering ...and more »

Inside Every Xbox One X Is a Tiny Master Chief Riding a Scorpion - IGN Africa

On the circuit board of the Xbox One X is a tiny Master Chief perched on the back of a scorpion, a nod to both Xbox history and the Project Scorpio code name. The art was first noticed by Spanish YouTube channel Unocero in a video breaking down the ...and more »

Xbox One X Local Launch Confirmed - IGN Africa

This news is brief, but its good. Microsoft have confirmed that their upcoming super-console, the Xbox One X, will launch in South Africa before the end of this year. Announced this morning on day one of the rAge Expo, Microsoft revealed the Xbox One X ...and more »

Master Chief is hidden inside the Xbox One X riding a scorpion - The Verge

Microsoft has hidden a tiny Easter egg inside the Xbox One X that most owners are unlikely to find: an etching of Halo's Master Chief riding on top of a scorpion. The image is nice homage both to the character that helped propel the Xbox to success and ...and more »

There's a tiny Master Chief etched inside the Xbox One X - Engadget

The Xbox One X, Microsoft's mid-generation answer to the PlayStation 4 Pro, is launching next month. The $500 system is a more powerful version of the Xbox One that will "enhance" games up to 4K and 60 frames per second. Other than its beefier specs ...and more »

Xbox South Africa reveals Xbox One X price and release date - IT News Africa

On Friday 6 October 2017 at the 2017 rAge Expo, held in Johannesburg South Africa, Microsoft announced that their latest console, the Xbox One X, will be hitting South African stores in time for Christmas. The firm confirmed that the console will ...and more »

It looks like the Xbox One X is hiding Master Chief riding a scorpion on the inside - MSPoweruser

It's always fun scouring video games for Easter eggs, but it's even better when you find a hidden gem like this on a console. In the video below posted by the Spanish YouTube channel Unocero showing a tear down of the Xbox One X, fans can get a glimpse ...and more »

Xbox Insiders can now download 4K assets ahead of Xbox One X launch - Windows Central

A new Xbox One update is rolling out to Xbox Insiders, implementing features to smoothen the transition to the upcoming Xbox One X. Matt Brown. 6 Oct 2017 17. Microsoft continues to roll out new features to members of the Xbox Insider Program, ahead of ...and more »