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Facebook testing AI that helps spot suicidal users - Engadget

Facebook has unveiled new tools to help prevent suicides, pointing out that they happen every 40 seconds worldwide and are the second leading cause of death for young people. While it already has self-harm prevention features, they rely on users to ...and more »

Facebook leverages artificial intelligence for suicide prevention - The Verge

As vain and manufactured as our online personas can be, Facebook is still a popular avenue for venting and rambling about our day-to-day struggles. Facebook recognizes this, and is now working on new ways to help troubled users with the use of ...and more »

Facebook brings suicide prevention tools to Live and Messenger - TechCrunch

In Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's recent manifesto, he wrote about how Facebook is in a unique position to help prevent people from doing harm to themselves. Worldwide, there is a suicide attempt every 40 seconds, according to the World Health ...and more »

Facebook artificial intelligence spots suicidal users - BBC News

Facebook has begun using artificial intelligence to identify members that may be at risk of killing themselves. The social network has developed algorithms that spot warning signs in users' posts and the comments their friends leave in response. After ...and more »

Big Questions Around Facebook's Suicide-Prevention Tools - MIT Technology Review

It's been almost a year since the general rollout of Facebook Live, which lets you broadcast live video to followers, and in that time several people have killed themselves while sharing video of themselves—including a 14-year-old Florida girl who ...and more »

Facebook Uses Machine Learning To Spot At-Risk Users - Forbes

This week Facebook announced that it has deployed AI-driven technology to identify users at risk of self-harm, and offer them support. Algorithms, trained on report data from the network's close to two billion users, are constantly on the lookout for ...and more »

How tech giants are using AI to prevent self-harm and suicide -

Mark Zuckerberg's 5,500-word manifesto for Facebook's future had a heavy focus on using artificial intelligence to automate the social network's functions. Zuckerberg outlines Facebook's future – and there's a lot of AI. Facebook. Zuckerberg outlines ...and more »

Facebook leverages AI to help spot suicides before they happen - Mashable

Can Facebook use all that it knows about us to help stop someone from dying by suicide? It's been more than a rhetorical question since January, after a video, pulled from the social media platform Live.Me and shared on Facebook, showed a 12-year-old ...and more »

Facebook Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Help Prevent Suicide - BuzzFeed News

Facebook is bringing its artificial intelligence expertise to bear on suicide prevention, an issue that's been top of mind for CEO Mark Zuckerberg following a series of suicides livestreamed via the company's Facebook Live video service in recent ...and more »

Facebook is testing AI tools to help prevent suicide - New Scientist

By Matt Reynolds. Facebook is trialling new tools to help with suicide prevention efforts. One approach will use artificial intelligence to identify concerning posts and make it easier for other people to report them. Facebook says it will use pattern ...and more »