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Here's how to download the For Honor open beta so you can hack and slash your way to glory this weekend - VG247

The For Honor beta is finally open to everyone. Here's everything you need to know. for_honor_valkyrie_capture_1. The For Honor open beta has kicked off: go ahead and download it immediately so you can get to bludgeoning someone's head in. Before you ...and more »

How to taunt in 'For Honor': Open beta guide to taunting other players - Mic

For Honor's open multiplayer beta is available for everyone to jump in and start playing. It's an engaging and rewarding game for anyone who enjoys melee combat, and a sight for sore eyes for anyone tiring of the same old multiplayer shooters. For ...and more »

How to revive in 'For Honor': Open beta tips and tricks for reviving your teammates - Mic

The open beta for the viking/samurai/knight mash-up game For Honor is in full swing, meaning anyone can download and try this delightfully ahistorical fantasy game for free right now. The nice thing about For Honor is that it's multiplayer, meaning ...and more »

For Honor beta LIVE, here's EVERYTHING that's changed since closed beta -

The new For Honor beta has officially launched and and is set to run through till February 12 at 10:00pm, UK time. The For Honor open beta is available on Xbox One, PS4, UPLAY (PC) and Steam (PC), although there have been some connection problems ...and more »

For Honor beta start times and pre-load guide REVEALED -

Ubisoft have now confirmed that the For Honor beta start times will begin in unison, meaning no waiting around on PS4, Xbox One or PC. The For Honor Open Beta begins on February 9 at 2pm UK time (9:00am EST) and runs through February 12 at 10pm ...and more »

'For Honor' Open Beta Start Time and End Date: How long is the 'For Honor' open beta? - Mic

Now that you can preload the For Honor open beta, you might be wondering when you can actually play it. After all, a beta that doesn't work is just a 27GB digital paperweight on your console's hard drive. Here's everything you need to know about the ...and more »

For Honor Open Beta Begins Today, Here's How To Get In - GameSpot

For Honor comes out on February 14, but you don't have to wait until then to play a sizable portion of the game. The swordfighting game's open beta is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. As announced previously, the beta lets you try nine of the ...and more »

'For Honor' Beta Servers Down? What to do if you can't use Uplay or start your download - Mic

The For Honor open beta is finally here, but you may be having trouble playing the game. You might even be unable to start your download at all. Here's how to find out if Ubisoft's Uplay For Honor servers are down or if you just have a bad connection.and more »

How to Throw in 'For Honor' Open Beta: How to perform the move and why it's important - Mic

The For Honor open beta is available now, meaning anyone can download and play a sneak preview of this nuanced action game before its official — and very romantic — Feb. 14 release date. The central focus of For Honor is its complicated but rewarding ...and more »

Ubisoft For Honor open-beta now seeding to Xbox One, PS4 and PCs across the world - International Business Times, India Edition

If you are a loyalist of the much-expected fantasy title For Honor, which is set for release on February 14, then do check the official open beta of the game which is now seeding to gamers across the world. This version is live from February 9 till ...and more »