Gaming Peripheral Manufacturer Mad Catz Is No More - Geek

For nearly three decades, Mad Catz has been the leading manufacturer of video game peripherals. The company produced everything from controllers, battery packs, memory cards, headsets, and fight sticks for PC, consoles, and handhelds. For the past ...and more »

Gaming accessory maker Mad Catz shuts its doors - The San Diego Union-Tribune

The company, founded in 1989, is incorporated in Canada but headquartered in Mira Mesa. Its board of directors and executive officers have resigned, and PricewaterhouseCoopers has been appointed to oversee the company. Mike FreemanContact ...and more »

Mad Catz is going out of business, so let's remember its wackiest controllers - The Verge

Here's to the crazy ones. Mad Catz just filed for bankruptcy, after decades of serving the gaming peripheral market. The company bet big on Rock Band 4, which didn't pan out as well as it had hoped, and now the company has been shut down, with its ...and more »

Mad Catz Files For Chapter 7 Bankrupcy -

San Diego-based gaming accessory maker Mad Catz Interactive has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, with PricewaterhouseCoopers being assigned the trustee of the company. According to Mad Catz, it has ceased operations, and all of its directors and ...and more »

Mad Catz Files for Bankruptcy, Liquidates Assets - Paste Magazine

In an official statement today, Mad Catz Interactive announced the collective resignation of all “directors and officers” effective yesterday, and that their assets will soon be liquidated. The company had already laid off 37 percent of its workforce ...and more »

Gaming Accessory Maker Mad Catz Files For Bankruptcy - International Business Times

Gaming accessory manufacturer Mad Catz announced Friday it would file for bankruptcy and that its directors and officers have resigned. The company has ceased operations and will start to liquidate its assets. The news comes on the heels of months of ...and more »

Rock Band Guitar Peripheral Maker Mad Catz Files for Bankruptcy - IGN

By Seth G. Macy After a difficult period of decline, peripheral maker Mad Catz has filed for bankruptcy. Mad Catz "has been unable to find a satisfactory solution to its cash liquidity problems," according to former boss Karen McGinnis. Troubles became ...and more »

Mad Catz has closed up shop: company will liquidate assets - SlashGear

Mad Catz, the gaming peripheral company that has been around for decades, has officially shut down. The news is sad but not unexpected — the company has struggled for years with financial difficulties, and last year it assembled a committee to see ...and more »

Hardware Maker Mad Catz Dies - Kotaku

Following a lengthy struggle with financial insolvency, gaming peripheral maker Mad Catz has formally ceased all operation. The company's directors and officers have all resigned, and its assets will be liquidated. The company that spent nearly three ...and more »

Mad Catz files for bankruptcy and is ceasing operations - Destructoid

There's more than one way to skin a cat; this one met its end after a run of poor investments, declining revenues, and ever-growing piles of debt. Mad Catz, a video game peripheral manufacturer, is dead after 28 years of operation. Yesterday, Mad Catz ...and more »