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'Dota 2' won't be so intimidating to newcomers - Engadget

For many rookies in Dota 2 and other multiplayer online battle arena games, the biggest obstacle isn't the game itself -- sometimes, it's the community. There are certainly helpful players, but MOBAs are notorious for jaded players who are hostile to ...and more »

Valve hopes the latest Dota 2 update will make it more 'welcoming' for new players - PC Gamer

The update restricts the number of heroes available to new players, and also the amount of people they can play with. Comments. Shares. The multiplayer online battle arena is not the easiest genre in the world to dip a tentative toe into. There's a lot ...and more »

Dota 2 makes newbie-friendly changes in advance of The International - Polygon

In an update launched on Thursday, Valve restricted new players' hero selection to "a curated group of 20 heroes" for their first 25 games. Valve chose the heroes out of telemetrics suggesting they were the ones most helpful to newcomers in Dota 2 ...and more »

Valve takes on the task of making Dota 2 a newcomer-friendly MOBA - Gamasutra

Since its 2013 release, Dota 2 has accumulated a massive cast of both playable heroes and actual players, both of which can sometimes intimidate newcomers to the major MOBA. Valve has addressed both of these potential barriers through a couple of ...and more »

Valve is changing Dota 2 to make the experience less frustrating for new players - VG247

Dota 2 has received a new update designed to make the game more inviting for new players. The patch brought two features that Valve says will help remove “unnecessary challenges” that faced newcomers in the past. First, the game's hero selection screen ...and more »

You're Now Less Likely To Play With Jerks When Starting Out In Dota 2 - GameSpot

Dota 2 is notorious for having a steep learning curve and a community that's not always welcoming to newcomers. Recently, however, developer Valve released an update that is designed to help beginners have a better and more encouraging experience ...and more »

Dota 2 attempts to curb community toxicity for new players - App Trigger

Dota 2 welcomes new players with a new matchmaking system focused on good behavior and a curated hero selection screen. Dota 2, like many multiplayer gaming communities, is not always the most friendly to new players. Due to the game's popularity and ...and more »

Dota 2 Is Getting More Newbie Friendly - Kotaku Australia

A new update to Dota 2 will try to make sure new players are always matched with nice players. In a blog post, the Dota 2 team discussed two changes to the newcomer experience. First, all new accounts will be limited to a selection of 20 heroes for ...and more »

Valve are trying to make Dota 2 better for new players - PCGamesN

Valve are stepping in to try to make new players' journeys into Dota 2 as painless as possible. In a blog post, Valve acknowledge that “there have also been some issues that caused unnecessary challenges for new players in the past,” and are taking two ...and more »

Dota 2 will now restrict new players to a smaller hero pool to ease them into the game - Neowin

Valve has pushed out a new update to its immensely popular MOBA title, Dota 2, that aims to ease in new players to the game. Formerly, the game essentially threw new players in at the deep end, hoping that at least some of them would grasp the game's ...and more »