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Nintendo reveals details of Switch console - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

When it comes to Nintendo's handling of their upcoming flagship console the Switch, the video game giant seemed to have timed things just right. The Switch was fully revealed and detailed during a press conference by Nintendo president Tatsumi ...and more »

Every Nintendo Switch Game Announced So Far - TIME

Nintendo's mobile/handheld Switch game console arrived on March 3, and we've compiled all the games announced for the system to date, including pre-order links where applicable. We'll keep this post updated, so you can check back as new titles are ...and more »

Win or lose, Nintendo Switch heralds a big change for the 127-year-old company - Business Insider

The general feeling among fans and industry-watchers alike is that the Nintendo Switch, the $299 console launching on March 3rd, is a make-or-break moment for the 127-year-old company. Success would validate Nintendo's strategy of building unique, ...and more »

Nintendo Switch vs Wii U: What's the difference? -

We've now thoroughly played with the Nintendo Switch in the flesh and are reasonably impressed. We've also played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and are awestruck. But there is still one big question we are asked most often: "Should I buy ...and more »

Nintendo Switch Battery Analysis Reveals No Quick Charge Technology, Faster Charging Through Adapter Than On ... - Tech Times

The Nintendo Switch is set to have its global launch on March 3, with demand so high that supply shortage issues are expected for the upcoming hybrid console. It is easy to understand why gamers are eager to get their hands on the Nintendo Switch ...and more »

The best way to play Nintendo's new game console isn't available for sale yet - Business Insider

Nintendo's upcoming video game console, the Switch, is versatile. It's a home console; it's a portable console; it can act as a portable display for you and a friend to play multiplayer games. It slices! It dices! nintendo switch Here's how you might ...and more »

Nintendo's new console has a bizarrely named controller — here's why - Business Insider

Nintendo's new console isn't named something ridiculous like "Wii" or — worse— "Wii U." It's simply named the "Switch." That name comes from the Switch's gimmick: You can switch from playing it at home to playing it on-the-go by simply removing it ...and more »

What Nintendo must do this year to survive -

We asked Brian Blau, Research Vice President at games industry analysts Gartner, for his assessment... By Charlie Burton. 21 Jan 2017. Nintendo. By Charlie Burton. Senior Commissioning Editor. Follow him on Twitter @charlie_burton and Instagram @ ...and more »

RIP Miiverse, Nintendo's Awful, Beautiful Social Network - Geek

Update: Now it's official. Miiverse goes offline this November. We know a lot more about the Nintendo Switch than we used to after watching last week's presentation. However, we still have a lot of questions about the upcoming console/handheld hybrid.and more »

1-2 Switch is Nintendo's attempt to recapture Wii's golden era -

There's a long list of reasons why Wii was such a success but, at launch, you only needed two words: Wii Sports. A decade on and two consoles later, 1-2 Switch feels like a fresh pitch for the same audience. 1 Even the lifestyle photos look familiar ...and more »