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Dozens of refugees found dead in drifting dinghy off Libyan coast after 8300 rescued over Easter weekend - The Independent

Almost 30 migrants have been found dead in a boat drifting off the coast of Libya as the number of refugees dying in attempts to reach Europe reach record highs. Fishermen found the bodies of 28 people, including four children, in waters near the ...and more »

'It Is Better To Die Than Stay In Libya:' Libya's Slave Markets Remind Us of Flaws in EU Migration Plans - Newsweek

I was horrified when I read the International Organization for Migration (IOM) report last week on sub-Saharan Africans being sold and bought in open markets in Libya—but I was not surprised. During a recent visit to Italy, I spoke with dozens of men ...and more »

New report highlights tragedy of migrant slave markets in Libya - Deutsche Welle

International organizations and media have highlighted the struggle of African refugees in Libya before, but an IOM report released last week gives testimonies of migrants held in "slave markets" in Libya where they are held for ransom, forced to do ...and more »

Almost 8300 asylum seekers rescued in Mediterranean -

Nearly 8,300 asylum seekers were rescued from unseaworthy smugglers' boats in the Mediterranean over the Easter weekend, according to NGOs and rescue workers. More than 1,400 of the rescued were saved by European border and coastguard agency Frontex ...and more »

Migrants flee Libya as weather warms and Libyan patrols loom - Arab News

ROME: Warm weather and calm seas usually spur smugglers to send migrants across the Mediterranean come spring. But aid groups say another timetable might be behind a weekend spike: The start of beefed-up Libyan coast guard patrols designed to prevent ...and more »

More than 8000 migrants rescued in Mediterranean and brought to Italy over Easter long weekend -

More than 8,000 migrants were rescued in the Mediterranean and brought to Italy in the space of just three days over Easter, as Italian politicians denounced the exodus as a racket that should be stopped as quickly as possible. Nearly 8,500 asylum ...and more »

Libya fishermen find 28 dead migrants in boat offshore: official - Reuters

TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Libyan fishermen found the bodies of 28 migrants who appeared to have died of thirst and hunger after their boat broke down off the coast of Sabratha city, a ministry of interior official said on Tuesday. Since Libya fell into chaos ...and more »

EU urged to save more migrants at sea, not patrol 'make-believe border' - Reuters

ROME (Reuters) - EU patrol vessels in the Mediterranean are putting lives at risk by operating too far from the Libyan coast where migrants are embarking on the perilous voyage to Europe, the head of a rescue charity said on Tuesday. Migrants try to ...and more »

1000 Migrants Rescued off Libya's Coast - Voice of America

More than 1,000 migrants picked up off the coast of Libya Sunday have arrived at a port on the Italian island of Sicily. A German navy ship brought the rescued migrants to the port of Catania Monday aboard the FGS Rhein. Some 29,000 migrants, most of ...and more »

Saving lives, 1 day at a time, on the deadly Mediterranean - Malta Independent Online

As usual, it started with a call on a satellite phone from Italian rescue officials in Rome. They were relaying a distress call they'd received from a migrant smuggling ship adrift somewhere off the coast of Libya. On board the Golfo Azurro, Guillermo ...and more »