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'Let it be an arms race': Donald Trump appears to double down on nuclear expansion - The Guardian

It was unclear who Trump was directing arms race threats against, but he said he received a letter from Putin calling for 'collaboration on the international scene'. Ed Pilkington and Martin Pengelly in New York. Sat 24 Dec 2016 06.28 EST First ...and more »

The Russian Question - Foreign Policy (blog)

Moscow may no longer be a superpower, but its revanchist politics are unsettling the international order. How should Donald Trump deal with Vladimir Putin? By Niall Ferguson · facebook twitter reddit google-plus email. December 23, 2016. From the ...and more »

Putin reaches out to Trump for cooperation, calls Democrats sore losers - Washington Times

Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked to “restore the framework of bilateral cooperation” with the U.S. in a letter to President-elect Donald Trump — a note the transition team released Friday, the same day the Kremlin leader called American ...and more »

Donald Trump on Nukes: 'Let It Be an Arms Race' -

President-elect Donald Trump suggested Friday that he is willing to engage in "an arms race,” insisting that the United States will surpass its rivals and “outlast them all” in a push for global weapons dominance. "Let it be an arms race. We will ...and more »

How Russia Looks To Gain Through Political Interference - FRONTLINE

Reports about Russian meddling in the U.S. election had been building for months, with leaks from U.S. intelligence officials and ominous warnings from Democratic lawmakers. Though the Trump campaign and some in Congress have voiced doubts, U.S. ...and more »

Will a new nuclear arms race undo decades of teamwork between the US and Russia? - PRI

After more than 20 years of teamwork between the US and Russia on nuclear arms control, experts are worried that the two countries could face another nuclear arms race — leaving some Russians and Americans nostalgic for the years after the Cold War.and more »

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin 'united to trash Hillary Clinton', former US ambassador says - The Independent

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin "united to trash" Hillary Clinton, the former US ambassador to Russia has said. Calling the Russian President an "autocrat in the Kremlin team", Michael McFaul accused Mr Trump and Mr Putin of teaming up to "trash an ...and more »

Putin's Christmas Wish: Pain For The US Aircraft Industry - Forbes

Here in Costa Rica for Christmas, watching my kids play with their presents, I wonder what many must be wondering: “What does Vladimir Putin want for Christmas?” And I think I know the answer: “For bad things to happen to the U.S. aircraft industry.”.and more »

What's the arms race? A short history - USA TODAY

The history of the U.S.-Russian nuclear arms race gained relevance this week following President-elect Donald Trump's tweet about expanding the United States' nuclear capability and his comments Friday morning about being willing to let another arms ...and more »

Putin to Democratic Party: You lost, get over it - Washington Post

MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin has a message for the White House and Democratic leaders who accuse him of stealing their candidate's victory: Don't be sore losers. That was how Putin answered a question Friday at his nationally televised ...and more »