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Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un and the risk of nuclear miscalculation - Financial Times

In 1950, a combination of ill-judged words in Washington and miscalculation in Pyongyang led to the outbreak of the Korean war. Now, as the world contemplates the prospect that another war might break out on the Korean peninsula, the danger is that ...and more »

A 'Cuban Missile Crisis in Slow Motion' in North Korea - New York Times

WASHINGTON — All the elements of the North Korean nuclear crisis — the relentless drive by Kim Jong-un to assemble an arsenal, the propaganda and deception swirling around his progress, the hints of a covert war by the United States to undermine the ...and more »

Trump: China taking unprecedented steps to help with North Korea's nukes - PolitiFact

Speaking aboard the USS Ronald Reagan in Japan, Vice President Mike Pence said the United States and its allies were prepared to respond to potential North Korean attack with "overwhelming" force. (Inform). North Korea's nuclear weapons program might ...and more »

Getting Tough on North Korea - Foreign Affairs

For the past quarter century, the United States and South Korea have tried to convince North Korea to abandon its nuclear aspirations. Beginning in the early 1990s, Washington attempted to bargain with Pyongyang, while Seoul pursued a strategy of ...and more »

How Washington hard-liners helped to create the North Korean crisis - Washington Post

Mike Chinoy is a non-resident senior fellow at the University of Southern California's U.S.-China Institute and the author of two books on North Korea: “Meltdown: The Inside Story of the North Korean Crisis“ and “The Last POW.” He has visited North ...and more »

'Zero tolerance' for NK tests - Global Times

US Vice President Mike Pence visits Observation Post Ouellette with his daughters near the truce village of Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone on the border between North and South Korea on Monday. Photo: AP. The US and South Korea said on Monday that ...and more »

The North Korea-Trump Nightmare - New York Times

President Trump is scary in many ways, but perhaps the most frightening nightmare is of him blundering into a new Korean war. It would begin because the present approach of leaning on China to pressure North Korea will likely fail. Trump will grow ...and more »

China Pushes Back On Trump's North Korea Rhetoric - The National Interest Online (blog)

The Trump administration believes China will resolve the crisis on the Korean Peninsula, but Beijing's thinking is not aligned with that of Washington. “It's a very dangerous situation, and China can end it very quickly in my opinion,” President Donald ...and more »

On China And North Korea: The Strength Of Weakness And The Limits Of Power - NPR

When President Trump says that if China doesn't help solve the North Korea problem, "we will solve the problem without them," or hints at rewarding Beijing if it makes Pyongyang behave, people understandably focus on what (if anything) that says about ...and more »

US military considers shooting down North Korea missile tests, sources say - The Guardian

The USS Carl Vinson carrier strike group, which includes Aegis-equipped destroyers, is headed for the Korean peninsula in anticipation of North Korea's sixth nuclear test. Photograph: US Department of Defense/EPA. The US military is considering ...and more »