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Nest's New Security Cam Keeps a Sharp Eye on Your Smart Home - WIRED

Few smart home gadgets command the popularity of the Nest Cam, an all-seeing, all-knowing in-home camera system. People used it to spy on their babysitters and house cleaners, capture unexpected moments like a baby's first steps, or watch over their ...and more »

Nest Cam IQ: Nest Reveals Gorgeous Indoor Security Camera With Smart Extras - Forbes

When Nest Labs launched its first product in 2011, it was just the company with the coolest-looking thermostat around. Today it announced its third smart camera. That's called Nest Cam IQ, a name which tells you the company thinks it's smarter than the ...and more »

Nest Cam IQ: a security camera that recognizes you - Christian Science Monitor

A high-resolution security camera and Google's facial recognition technology combine to help protect people's homes, but the data capture raises potential privacy concerns. Nest Cam IQ is a home security camera with Google's facial recognition ...and more »

Here's What Nest Has Been Working On: A Slicker, Smarter Security Camera - Fast Company

Two years in the making, the Nest IQ ups Nest's game in design, image quality, and AI-infused features. Here's What Nest Has Been Working On: A Slicker, Smarter Security Camera. By Harry McCracken 3 minute Read. More than any other company, Nest Labs ...and more »

Nest Cam IQ intros lossless zoom and facial recognition: Hands-on - SlashGear

Nest has a new home security camera, the Nest Cam IQ, and it's promising to be the smartest, sleekest, and yes, most expensive model in the Alphabet company's range. While it may look a lot like the Nest Cam Outdoor, it's actually the first camera to ...and more »

Nest's new smart home camera lets you zoom and enhance, for real - Digital Trends

In the battle to control your smart home, Nest just dropped some serious ordnance in the form of a new home security camera. It's called the Nest Cam IQ, and it's brimming with cutting-edge imaging tech that could erase some of the biggest complaints ...and more »

New Nest camera zooms in and recognizes faces - CNNMoney

You've seen it in every cheesy police procedural: A suspect is caught on grainy security camera footage. Someone tells the computer tech to "enhance!" and a pixelated blob magically morphs into a recognizable face. Nest is adding a real-life version of ...and more »

Alphabet's Nest launches update to home security camera - Financial Times

Alphabet's smart home unit Nest is launching a high-definition update to its internet-connected home security camera, powered by Google's artificial intelligence technology, a year after the departure of its co-founder Tony Fadell. This week's ...and more »

Nest security camera knows who's home with Google face tech - Phys.Org

This photo provided by Nest Labs shows the Nest Cam IQ. Nest Labs is adding Google's facial recognition technology to a high-resolution security camera that will provide a glimpse at the potential for increasingly intelligent, …more. Nest Labs is ...and more »

Nest's new camera is smart enough to know who's who - Engadget

After acquiring Dropcam back in 2014, Nest waited another year to launch its own home monitoring camera. It wasn't much of an improvement over the old Dropcam Pro, and aside from releasing an outdoor version with weatherproof body, Nest has focused on ...and more »