NASA Announces Solar Probe Which Will 'Touch the Sun' - Newsline

At a press conference on Wednesday, NASA announced the “Parker Solar Probe,” which will be sent on a mission to examine and research the Sun up close. The mission, which is being launched next year, “will gather data about the sun's outermost ...

NASA Plans To Launch A Probe Next Year To 'Touch The Sun' - WKAR

It's a mission that's been in the works for nearly 60 years. NASA says it will launch a spacecraft in 2018 to "touch the sun," sending it closer to the star's surface than ever before. The spacecraft is small – its instruments would fit into a ...

NASA is gearing up to fly a robot dangerously close to the sun and 'touch' the star - Business Insider Australia

Solar probe plus approaches sun illustration nasa NASA/JHU/APLAn illustration of NASA's Parker Solar Probe (previously called Solar Probe Plus) as it flies toward the sun. NASA is a launching a probe to get closer to the sun than any mission in history.

First NASA spacecraft named after living researcher to head for the sun -

A NASA spacecraft will aim straight for the sun next year and bear the name of the astrophysicist who predicted the existence of the solar wind nearly 60 years ago. The space agency announced Wednesday that the red-hot mission would be named after ...

NASA solar probe to "touch" sun's atmosphere - CBS News

A NASA spacecraft being readied for launch in 2018 will make repeated trips through the sun's outer atmosphere, passing within 4 million miles of the star's blazing surface at more than 430,000 mph to shed light on what powers the sun's high ...

NASA Spacecraft Will Aim Straight For Sun in 2018 - Iosco County News Herald

A NASA spacecraft will aim straight for the sun next year. The space agency announced the red-hot mission Wednesday at the University of Chicago along with a name change. (May 31). Subscribe for more Breaking News:

New NASA solar probe will make history with flight into sun -

This image made available by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory depicts NASA's Solar Probe Plus spacecraft approaching the sun. ( Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory via AP ). By Kevin Tampone.