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Could marijuana use increase vulnerability to Alzheimer's? - Medical News Today

A new study warns that marijuana use may increase susceptibility to Alzheimer's disease, after finding the drug severely reduces blood flow in an area of the brain affected by the illness. [A man smoking marijuana]. Researchers suggest marijuana use ...and more »

Quest to find cure for Alzheimer's shows symptoms of failure - Financial Times

The suspense inside the offices of Eli Lilly this autumn was all but unbearable. After working on a drug to fight Alzheimer's disease for 15 years, employees of the Midwestern drugmaker were about to find out if the medicine — known as Solanezumab, or ...and more »

Failure of Lilly's Solanezumab Not Seen as Conclusive Proof That Amyloid Theory Is Flawed - Alzheimer's News Today

The Alzheimer's community lamented Eli Lilly's recent announcement that its experimental therapy solanezumab failed to demonstrate efficacy in treating the disease in recent clinical trials. In the announcement, released Nov. 23, Lilly said it would ...and more »

Lifestyle tops drugs (again) in delaying dementia - The Globe and Mail

Scientists and analysts alike had high hopes for solanezumab. There were predictions that it would be a blockbuster that could rack up sales of $10-billion a year. After all, in laboratory tests, the drug was able to bind to a protein called amyloid ...and more »

Market Pulse: Alzheimer's Drug Failure; New Electric Cars - R & D Magazine

The R&D Index: Market Watch for the U.S. holiday-shortened week ending Nov. 25, 2016 closed at 1,506.59 for the 25 companies in the R&D Index. The Index was up 0.05 percent (or 0.75 basis points) over the week ending Nov. 18, 2016. Sixteen companies ...and more »

A Key Indicator in Late-Onset Alzheimer Disease? - Medscape

Researchers from the Montréal Neurological Institute have published a "big data" study analyzing the very first physiologic signs of late-onset Alzheimer disease. They analyzed over 7700 brain images and tens of plasma and cerebrospinal fluid ...and more »

Plaques, tangles and the mystery of Alzheimer's disease - Financial Times

The Bavarian physician and anatomist was intrigued by the panoply of symptoms in his 50-year-old female patient: paranoia, disturbed sleep, confusion, memory loss and aggression. After her death, he reported that her brain contained a “peculiar severe ...and more »

New study shows marijuana users have low blood flow to the brain - Medical Xpress

This shows a sample case of a visual 3-D rendering of a baseline SPECT scan of a longstanding marijuana user compared to a control subject. The marijuana user has multiple perfusion defects with lower perfusion shown as scalloping and gaps …more. As ...and more »

Prevention may be the long-awaited key to tackling Alzheimer's - Medill Reports: Chicago

Tackling an abnormal protein in the brain may chart the way to holding off the onset of Alzheimer's disease. Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine is part of a global consortium conducting clinical trials to prevent Alzheimer's disease ...and more »

Marijuana drains brain blood flow, boosts Alzheimer's risk: study - New York Daily News

As more U.S. states consider legalizing marijuana use, science serves up a bongful of buzzkill. New research links pot use with abnormally low blood flow in the brain, which may boost the risk for Alzheimer's. Published in the Journal of Alzheimer's ...and more »