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The brain on God - ResearchGate (blog)

Religious and spiritual experiences activate the brain's reward circuits in a similar way to love, gambling, and music, a new study finds. Researchers used fMRI scans to look at the brains of 19 devout Mormons as they engaged in an experience described ...and more »

This is your brain on God: Spiritual experiences activate brain reward circuits - Science Daily

Date: November 29, 2016; Source: University of Utah Health Sciences; Summary: Religious and spiritual experiences activate the brain reward circuits in much the same way as love, sex, gambling, drugs and music, report researchers. Share: FULL STORY. An ...and more »

Religion can have same effect on the brain as taking drugs, study finds - The Independent

Religious experiences have a similar effect on the brain as taking drugs, according to a new study. Scientists at the University of Utah used MRI scans to monitor the brain activity of 19 devout Mormons while they carried out a variety of tasks ...and more »

Religious thoughts trigger reward systems like love, drugs - CNN

(CNN) Most Americans, about 89%, say they believe in God, and some have felt God's presence while listening to a sermon or sensed time stand still while they were in deep prayer or meditation. Now, a new study shows through functional MRI scans that ...and more »

This Is Your Brain on God - Seeker

Scientists found that having a religious or spiritual experience activates the brain's "reward circuits" in the same way that love, sex, gambling, drugs and music do. By Tracy Staedter. Published On 11/29/2016. 9:56 AM EST. Share on Facebook · Tweet ...and more »

Spiritual Mind: What a Religious Experience Looks Like in the Brain - Live Science

People who have had "a religious experience" often report feelings of joy, peace and warmth, and new research has found that during these experiences, certain reward centers in the brain are activated. The study found that, among devoutly religious ...and more »

Religion and gambling have the same effect on your brain - Engadget

Finding Jesus can feel a lot like falling in love, winning an award or getting high because all of these events activate the same reward circuits in the brain, according to a new study from the University of Utah. Researchers studied fMRI scans of 19 ...and more »

Brain scans on Mormons show religion has a similar effect to taking drugs - Business Insider Nordic

A small study has found evidence that religious and spiritual experiences activate the reward circuits in our brains in a similar way to love, sex, gambling, drugs, and music. The research on 19 Mormon subjects found that, when they were asked to "feel ...and more »

Hunting god in the brain: Spiritual experiences light up neural reward circuits - New Atlas

Millennia-old religious faith and cutting-edge neuroscience seem an unlikely pairing, but by combining the two, researchers have uncovered new information about our brain's response to spiritual experiences. The team observed the brain's reward ...and more »

Your brain on God: How religion triggers the same response as love and drugs - International Business Times UK

The study authors say that the link between reward and decision-making could aid research into religious extremism. Martha Henriques. By Martha Henriques. Updated November 29, 2016 10:18 GMT. Video. Related Videos. More videos. 03:24. Play. Mute. 0:00 ...and more »