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What Are Your Favorite AIM Memories? - Lifehacker

With last week's news that AOL Instant Messenger will be shutting down for good later this year, Internet denizens of a certain age found ourselves getting a touch sentimental. After all, AIM was the premiere (and only?) messaging platform of choice in ...and more »

AOL to shut down its instant messaging app AIM after 20 years -

The AOL logo is posted on a sign in front of the AOL Inc. offices on February 7, 2011 in Palo Alto, California. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images). X. - A A +. Listen. AIM, the AOL-run instant messaging app that launched in 1997 and would go on to ...and more »

Data Sheet—AOL's Instant Messenger Pioneered Online Chat - Fortune

Each week in tech brings us momentous news (a major product release, a lawsuit development), inconsequential news (a startup that will never make it receiving funding from a venture capital firm that doesn't care if does), and even sad news (like last ...and more »

Last week in tech: Remember to set your final AIM away message - Popular Science

Like many elder millennials, I consider AOL Instant Messenger a fundamental part of my internet upbringing. Last week, however, we got the news that Oath (the conglomerate containing the company formerly known as AOL) will discontinue AIM service in ...and more »

AOL Instant Messenger To Shut Down After 20 Years - Silicon UK

One of the pioneers of instant messaging on the Internet, at least in the consumer sphere, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) is to stop working later this year – 20 years after it first debuted. In an era of dial-up Internet, AIM debuted in May 1997 and ...and more »

AIM AFK 4EVA - Engadget

For the better part of two decades, starting in the mid '90s, AIM (previously AOL Instant Messenger) was the way to communicate online. For a certain generation, which most of the Engadget staff happens to be a part of, it defined their youth. Those of ...and more »

AOL Instant Messenger to shut down on December 15 - TweakTown

Remember when you'd log on to the internet with your 56k modem, wait patiently for AIM start-up and log in? There's probably some people who do (hopefully without the 56k modem). Unfortunately Verizon, owner of AOL, have announced that on December 15 ...and more »

End of an era: AOL shuts down Instant Messenger AIM after 20 years - Netimperative

AOL is discontinuing its pioneering AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) chat platform after 20 years of service, usurped by chat apps such as WhatsApp and Snapchat. An article on AOL's website on Friday said AOL Instant Messenger will be discontinued on 15 ...and more »

Saying goodbye to the proto-social network of AOL Instant Messenger - Ars Technica

Many people remember specific, weird things about September 11, 2001. For me, it was a headline about stamps tucked into the chaos. As I started to absorb the horror of the day through TV and online news sources that Tuesday morning, I noticed an odd ...and more »

AIM Shutting Down Best Tweets: Millennials Grieve Over AOL Instant Messenger Shutdown - International Business Times

AOL announced it is shutting down its once-popular messaging service AOL Instant Messenger, AIM. AIM will be shut down Dec. 15, 20 years after it launched. There will be no replacement for the app, AOL said. Those who still use their email ...and more »