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Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ review - TechCrunch

The Samsung Galaxy S8's beautiful hardware deserves a more unified software experience. At $725 for the S8 and $825 for the S8+, the device is, as ever, a premium product with a premium price tag. Indeed, with the Infinity display, next-gen processor ...and more »

Samsung Galaxy S8 review: ahead of the curve - The Verge

That's the first thing Samsung's product manager said to me before introducing the company's new flagship Galaxy S8 last month. He's not wrong: the modern concept of the smartphone has been around for a decade now, and the differences between devices ...and more »

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus review: - CNET

The Good The Galaxy S8 Plus is a big phone that manages to make a 6.2-inch screen look graceful. It has every hardware and software advantage of the ultrasleek, curved Galaxy S8, including long battery life. The Bad You'll have to reach higher to get ...and more »

Review: Samsung Galaxy S8 - WIRED

Samsung needed a hit. After a months-long mess surrounding the Note 7, Samsung needed to prove it could make a lustworthy and exciting device that won't, you know, explode. There was no room for error or time to waste. And Samsung had to know it wouldn ...and more »

Samsung Galaxy S8 review: So impressive that people will forget about the Note7 - Yahoo Finance

Samsung's Galaxy S8 is a return to form, and the best handset you can buy. More. Samsung's Galaxy Note7, an excellent smartphone in some ways, turned into a public relations nightmare. Its explosive batteries got the handset recalled twice and banned ...and more »

Samsung Galaxy S8 review: Near-perfect comeback leaves competitors in the dust - ZDNet

Pros. Amazing screen; Fast, reliable camera; Bigger display, smaller housing; Fast performance; Waterproof. Cons. Bixby isn't ready; Some software tweaks just don't make sense; Lack of stereo speakers. How does a company shake a global recall of a high ...and more »

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus review: Stunning large display, balanced design, and advanced technology - ZDNet

Pros. Stunning display with no side bezels; Big display in device smaller than competitors; Multiple security features, including an iris scanner; Fast and wireless charging; microSD expansion card slot; High level water and dust resistance; Gorilla ...and more »

Samsung Galaxy S8 User Guide: Tips, Tricks and How-Tos - Tom's Guide

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are the most powerful phones Samsung has ever made. Want to get the most out of your new phone? We've put together this guide of tips about the features available in the Galaxy S8 and how to use them. Check back frequently, as we ...and more »

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus review: Redemption is here - Engadget

Last year's Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were excellent phones, and so was the Galaxy Note 7... until it started bursting into flames. While some within Samsung were tasked with figuring out what happened and how to prevent it from happening again, others ...and more »

Samsung Galaxy S8 review: It's the best Android smartphone yet - The Independent

Feel that tension in the air? It's the quiet-but-pressurised noise of Samsung executives holding their breath as they wait to see if the new Galaxy S8 is the success they so badly need it to be. After the Galaxy Note 7 had to be withdrawn last autumn ...and more »