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Viral photo of 12 lemons reveals 12 signs of breast cancer EVERYONE should know – and it's more than just a lump - The Sun

THIS image of 12 lemons may seem like nothing more than just a tray of citrus fruit. But, look closer and the viral photo, shared more than three million times on Facebook, could save your life. This image of 12 lemons has gone viral on Facebook ...and more »

12 key signs of breast cancer, as seen in viral image of lemons - Fox News

A breast cancer awareness campaign went viral after a 38-year-old patient shared the image of 12 lemons, each showing a different sign of breast cancer, on social media. Erin Smith Chieze originally found a similar image two years ago, and credited it ...and more »

Know Your Lemons: Campaign Explains What Breast Cancer Could Look Like With Lemon Images - Tech Times

There are various ways in which breast cancer can manifest in patients, depending on factors such as the type of cancer or how advanced the condition is. A new breast cancer awareness campaign explains the physical characteristics of breast cancer, in ...and more »

Signs of breast cancer explained, using lemons - BBC News

We think we know what the signs of breast cancer are, until it comes to checking our own breasts - then we're not so sure. Is that a lump I can feel? Should I be worried about the dimpled skin there? What exactly am I feeling for? Those were the ...and more »

Grilled/BBQ Meat and Lower Breast Cancer Survival? - Medscape

A high intake of grilled/barbecued and smoked meat may increase mortality risk after a breast cancer diagnosis, concludes a new study published online January 5 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Previous research indicated that cooking ...and more »

Many women may tune out mammogram confusion - USA TODAY

It happened again this week: headlines implied mammograms have been oversold to women. This time it was a study from Denmark that suggested one in three breast cancers found through the screening tests are “overdiagnosed” — meaning they never would ...and more »

This Photo Is Going Viral Because It Explains Exactly What Breast Cancer Looks and Feels Like - (blog)

If you're related to or know someone who's been diagnosed with breast cancer, then you probably know all too well the importance of regular self-examinations. The National Breast Cancer Foundation recommends all adult women perform a self-exam at least ...and more »

This Viral Photo of Lemons Can Help You Learn to Identify Signs of Breast Cancer - Glamour

Breast cancer is incredibly common in America: One in eight U.S. women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. With those scary facts, it's so important to get to know your own body, your breasts, and what to look out for when it comes to ...and more »

How Lemons Can Help You Spot The Signs Of Breast Cancer - Refinery29

If you were on social media this weekend, you might have spotted a clear, colourful image of 12 lemons in an egg box on your newsfeed or timeline. Not a new ad campaign from Pret or Innocent Smoothies, the lemons are, in fact, meant to represent ...and more »

This viral photo of lemons could save your life - Mashable

LONDON — We might be familiar with the signs of breast cancer, but when it comes to identifying visual symptoms in our own breasts, it's not quite so easy. SEE ALSO: A breast cancer survivor is using stunning body art to reclaim her body. Designer ...and more »