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Tesla's Autopilot Vexes Some Drivers, Even Its Fans - Wall Street Journal

After his Tesla Model S had driven itself for 17 straight minutes on Interstate 66 in Virginia last November, Carl Bennett, sitting in the driver's seat, began looking at a printed document. Seconds later, he glanced up and saw a truck parked in the ...and more »

Tesla Autopilot Crash Exposes Industry Divide - IEEE Spectrum

The first death of a driver in a Tesla Model S with its Autopilot system engaged has exposed a fault line running through the self-driving car industry. In one camp, Tesla and many other carmakers believe the best route to a truly driverless car is a ...and more »

Tesla is about to repeat history — and that's not a good thing - Business Insider

Deliveries were slightly lower than for the first quarter: 14,370 vehicles in total, with 9,745 of those Model S sedans and 4,625 Model X SUVs. Unlike most other automakers, Tesla doesn't report monthly sales. But to give investors, the media, and ...and more »

What Tesla's Fatal Crash Means for the Path to Driverless Cars - Fortune

News emerged this week that U.S. regulators were investigating the death of a driver using the Autopilot feature of a Tesla Model S. This was the first death of its kind, and while it's first and foremost a tragic loss of life, it also points to an ...and more »

Testing (Semi) Autonomous Cars With Tesla, Cadillac, Hyundai, and Mercedes - Motor Trend

Our test of semi-autonomous technology that follows was created before the public disclosure of the fatal accident involving a Tesla Model S driver using its Autopilot feature in May. It was the first known fatality in an autonomous driving scenario, a ...and more »

Tesla's Dubious Claims About Autopilot's Safety Record - MIT Technology Review

Figures from Elon Musk and Tesla Motors probably overstate the safety record of the company's self-driving Autopilot feature compared to humans. by Tom Simonite; July 6, 2016. 12. Tesla Motors's statement last week disclosing the first fatal crash ...and more »

Motor Mouth: The last roadblock to an autonomous future - Driving

Lost in all the tangential information surrounding the fatal May 7 accident involving an Autopiloted Tesla — was the driver, Joshua Brown, watching a Harry Potter movie, how many speeding tickets had he received in the last six years (eight in all ...and more »

As Self-Driving Cars Hit the Road, Innovation Is Outpacing Insurance - New York Times

Advances in self-driving car technology have gotten ahead of insurers' ability to factor the systems into auto premiums. So at least for now, coverage for cars using self-driving technology works the same way as coverage for traditional vehicles ...and more »

Tesla Said an Autopilot Crash Would Be 'Material' Before Elon Musk Said It Wasn't - Fortune

On Tuesday, Fortune reported that Elon Musk and Tesla Motors (tsla, +0.33%) may have withheld a material fact from shareholders when it failed to disclose that a driver had died using the semi-self driving “autopilot” feature in one of the company's ...and more »

Southfield art gallery owner survives Tesla crash - Detroit Free Press

UPDATE: Tesla says no evidence Autopilot involved in Pa. crash. A Southfield art gallery owner told police his 2016 Tesla Model X was in Autopilot mode when it crashed and rolled over on the Pennsylvania Turnpike last week. The crash came just one day ...and more »