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Mossberg: Samsung Galaxy S8 squeezes more into less - The Verge

If you're a smartphone company and your last major product caused fires and explosions and had to be removed from the market, you'd want to make sure your next big phone model really stands out and is an object of desire. Samsung did exactly that with ...and more »

Samsung Galaxy S8 review: ahead of the curve - The Verge

That's the first thing Samsung's product manager said to me before introducing the company's new flagship Galaxy S8 last month. He's not wrong: the modern concept of the smartphone has been around for a decade now, and the differences between devices ...and more »

Analyst: Galaxy Note8 will have dual cameras, one wide-angle + one telephoto -

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has proven very reliable in his predictions so it's worth hearing out what he has to say about the Samsung Galaxy Note8. He foresees a dual-camera setup for the late 2017 flagship with some curious specs - it will be a combo of ...and more »

5 tips for new Galaxy S8 users: our Day 1 experience - SlashGear

There are several facts that a first-time Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus user should know when running the device right out the box. What we're doing today is speaking about the pieces of this smartphone that might not be immediately obvious and/or should ...and more »

Samsung Galaxy S8 review: So impressive that people will forget about the Note7 - Yahoo Finance

Samsung's Galaxy Note7, an excellent smartphone in some ways, turned into a public relations nightmare. Its explosive batteries got the handset recalled twice and banned on U.S. flights. To recover from the disaster, Samsung needed to create a ...and more »

Samsung Galaxy S8 review: this simply irresistible phone is the best on the market -

As dramatically as it fell from grace with the exploding Note 7, a phoenix-like Samsung has risen from battery-induced flames with a phone that rewrites the rulebook on smartphone design. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+: everything you need to know about the ...and more »

Review: Samsung Galaxy S8 - WIRED

Samsung needed a hit. After a months-long mess surrounding the Note 7, Samsung needed to prove it could make a lustworthy and exciting device that won't, you know, explode. There was no room for error or time to waste. And Samsung had to know it wouldn ...and more »

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ review - TechCrunch

The Samsung Galaxy S8's beautiful hardware deserves a more unified software experience. At $725 for the S8 and $825 for the S8+, the device is, as ever, a premium product with a premium price tag. Indeed, with the Infinity display, next-gen processor ...and more »

We Put Samsung's New Galaxy S8+ To The Test — At Coachella - Refinery29

If there's a time when you need your phone to be performing at its absolute best, it's a music festival. For one, you want to capture photos and video that will induce instant social media FOMO. But you also need a phone that has a battery with real ...and more »

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus review: Redemption is here - Engadget

Last year's Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were excellent phones, and so was the Galaxy Note 7... until it started bursting into flames. While some within Samsung were tasked with figuring out what happened and how to prevent it from happening again, others ...and more »