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Language Lessons - Foreign Affairs

One of the most striking aspects of U.S. President Donald Trump's first months in office has been his focus on solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Trump has often referred to a peace agreement between the two antagonists as the “ultimate deal ...and more »

What Trump not signing a Jerusalem embassy waiver would really mean - Washington Post

On Thursday, President Barack Obama's last waiver pursuant to the Jerusalem Embassy Act will expire. Absent a new waiver by President Trump, the provisions of the law will go into full effect. Trump promised during his campaign to move the embassy, ...and more »

Diplomat in chief: How did Trump do on his first Middle East visit? - The Conversation US

President Donald Trump received both pageantry and a warm reception on his first trip to the Middle East. Whether bowing his head to receive the King Abdulaziz al Saud Collar from Saudi Arabian King Salman, gathering around the “glowing orb” at the ...and more »

By backing Saudi Arabia's vision of the Middle East, Trump may be sowing the seeds of conflict - Washington Post

ISTANBUL — In a speech intended to galvanize Arab and Muslim leaders against threats from extremists and Iran, President Trump demanded unity from his audience in Saudi Arabia, and focus. “One goal transcends every other consideration,” he said to the ...and more »

Trump's Plan for Middle East Peace Could Actually Work - Foreign Policy (blog)

During his visit to Israel this week, U.S. President Donald Trump made the strongest public link thus far between two important initiatives: reviving Israeli-Palestinian peace and creating an Israeli-Arab alliance to confront Iran. At his main event ...and more »

Cabinet approves Western Wall elevator for the disabled - The Times of Israel

Ministers also set to green-light multiple other projects related to Jerusalem, in honor of jubilee marking city's unification. By Alexander Fulbright 28 May 2017, 2:25 pm 1 Edit · Facebook · Twitter · email; Print; 234 shares. Government ministers ...and more »

6-day war begets 50 years of conflict for Israel - The Hindu

It seized the West Bank, east Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip during the battle, but since then has faced charges that its treatment of Palestinians is a form of apartheid. It may well be remembered as a pyrrhic victory for Israel — in six days it ...and more »

How Israeli moves in Jerusalem are scotching Trump's 'ultimate deal' - Mondoweiss

A decision by Donald Trump this Thursday could prove fateful for the immediate future of Jerusalem, the wider Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the region. He must decide whether to renew a presidential waiver, signed by his predecessor, Barack Obama ...and more »

Ex-UN envoy Bolton to JPost: Trump has no chance at ultimate peace deal - The Jerusalem Post

In an exclusive interview with the 'Post' the former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton said: "I don't think the two-state solution is viable anymore." By Yonah Jeremy Bob. May 29, 2017 20:46. 1 minute read. > Why the 'two-state solution' hasn't ...and more »

Trump yelled at Abbas: 'You tricked me in DC,' Israeli TV reports - The Times of Israel

President's outburst in last week's talks, alleging PA chief is engaged in anti-Israel incitement, was followed by shocked silence, Channel 2 claims; Palestinians insist meeting went fine. By TOI staff 28 May 2017, 10:09 pm 30 Edit · Facebook · Twitter ...and more »