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Revised Trump travel ban now in effect -

A scaled-back version of U.S. President Donald Trump's travel ban took effect Thursday evening, stripped of provisions that brought protests and chaos at airports worldwide in January, yet still likely to generate a new round of court fights. The new ...and more »

Here's what you need to know about Trump's travel ban, now in effect - New York Daily News

Monday's Supreme Court ruling partially lifting the stay on President Trump's travel ban was disappointing. But despite Trump's claim of victory, many, if not most, nationals of the six mostly Muslim countries included in the ban (Iran, Libya, Somalia ...and more »

Administration Moves to Carry Out Partial Travel Ban - New York Times

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration moved aggressively on Thursday to fulfill one of the president's most contentious campaign promises, banning entry into the United States by refugees from around the world and prohibiting most visitors from six ...and more »

Who's in and who's left out as Trump travel ban takes effect - PBS NewsHour

President Trump's executive order banning entry into the U.S. from six majority-Muslim countries finally takes effect Thursday after months of legal and political wrangling. The Supreme Court issued a partial green light earlier this week by only ...and more »

US says who can come and who can't under travel ban - Travel Weekly

The travel ban of most nationals of Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan and Somalia begins Thursday at 8 p.m. Eastern time. Under the order, the Trump administration must still allow individuals from the designated countries "who have a credible claim of ...and more »

Which of your family members could visit under the travel ban - Washington Post

*Fiances and fiancees were banned in the State Department's original list. They were exempted on June 29, about two hours after the ban went into effect. The Supreme Court on July 19 refused to block a lower judge's ruling that grandparents and other ...and more »

The travel order rules face a court challenge - The Economist (blog)

ON THE evening of June 29th, five months after issuing his first executive order halting travel from several Muslim countries and suspending America's refugee programme, Donald Trump's restrictive border policy finally went into effect. The legality of ...and more »

Travel ban takes effect as State Department defines 'close family' - Washington Post

After five months of bitter legal squabbling, the Trump administration's modified travel ban took effect Thursday night under new guidelines designed to avert the chaos of the original rollout. But the rules will still keep many families split and are ...and more »

Family Matters: Implementing IRAP v. Trump's “Bona Fide Relationship” - Lawfare (blog)

In IRAP v. Trump, the Supreme Court carved out an exception to the travel ban for “foreign nationals who have a credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States.” The Court stopped short of defining which types of ...and more »

The Supreme Court's curious compromise on the travel ban - The Economist (blog)

JOHN ROBERTS, the chief justice, frequently warns against the perceived politicisation of the courts. In April he said there is a “real danger” that the public will misconstrue “partisan hostility” surrounding Congress and the White House as ...and more »