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This Dryer Blasts Water Out of Fabric with Sound Waves - MIT Technology Review

Forget heat—drying laundry is about cranking up the volume. At least, that's how it goes in a lab at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where researchers have built an ultrasonic clothes dryer that uses far less energy than conventional devices.and more »

Ultrasonic clothes dryer 'halves drying time' - BBC News

A tumble dryer that is claimed to dry clothes twice as fast has been developed in the US. The machine uses high-frequency sound waves instead of heat to dry laundry. As well as speeding up the drying process, it is expected to use up to 70% less energy ...and more »

This Lightning-Fast Dryer Cuts Drying Time in Half — No Heat Required! - POPSUGAR

Long gone are the days of patiently (or should I say impatiently) waiting nearly an hour for your clothes to dry. A group of scientists have just solved our laundry time woes with a lightning-fast dryer that promises to cut drying time in half. And no ...and more »

The ultrasonic dryer can take clothes from wet to ready to wear in 20 minutes - Digital Trends

As dryers have become more energy efficient, dry times have gotten longer. In response, scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory found a way to have the best of both worlds: an ultrasonic dryer that is five times as efficient and also dries a ...and more »

This heatless dryer uses ultrasonic vibrations to shake clothes dry in half the time - International Business Times UK

Looking for a way to dry your clothes quickly and cheaply? If so an ultrasonic drying machine could be for you – although you'll have to wait a few more years before you can buy one. Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, US, have ...and more »

Scientists Invent Energy Efficient Dryer That Uses Vibrations To Dry Clothes 50% Faster -

Doing laundry is never fun. Waiting for clothes to dry can be even more agonizing! Ultrasonic Clothes Dryer. Not anymore, though, as scientists have invented a new type of dryer that promises to make your washing and drying sessions as painless as ...and more »