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Unlocked Microsoft Lumia 435 drops to under $30 in US -

If you are in the US, and are looking for an entry-level Windows smartphone, here's a deal for you: the Microsoft Lumia 435 is currently going for under $30 in the country. Specifically, Walmart has the unlocked model listed on its website for $28.75.and more »

Windows 10 anniversary update: Security and privacy, hope and change? - We Live Security (blog)

With analysts predicting a big shift to Windows 10 in the enterprise in 2017, a new ESET white paper looks at security and privacy changes in Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the build that Microsoft expects its business customers to run on the majority ...and more »

Microsoft Puts Improved Windows 10 Privacy Settings Front And Center - Geek

Ever since Windows 10 launched, there have been concerns about Microsoft “spying” and users not having enough control over their privacy. Microsoft is about to address those concerns in a very big way. They're introducing some very meaningful changes.and more »

New Windows 10 build is a monster update - Computerworld

Microsoft called a halt to releasing new builds of Windows 10 in mid-December for logical reasons. The holidays were upon us and who cared to test beta software? Well, the holidays are over and Microsoft has returned with a vengeance, dropping a new ...and more »

Windows 10 is about to get a high-performance Game Mode - Engadget

Microsoft made a big fuss out of the Windows 10 Creators Update's gaming features, and it's nearly ready to start delivering on them... including some that have remained mysterious. The company has revealed that it'll start trotting out a largely ...and more »

Windows 10's privacy dashboard aims to tackle data concerns - Naked Security

After 18 months of users' howls, threats from the French privacy watchdog and a slap from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Microsoft is making a series of changes to tackle privacy concerns around Windows 10. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced ...and more »

4 Windows Hello devices that will change the way you log into your PC - TechRepublic

Windows Hello first grabbed headlines as the platform that would bring biometric security to Windows devices with Windows 10. Now, Hello is available on nearly 100 individual devices and accessories, furthering Microsoft's mission to kill the password.and more »

PC security stepped up with new 'Windows Goodbye' screen lock - Naked Security

Windows 10 users already have Windows Hello: the biometrics way to unlock systems using their faces, fingerprints or irises. Now, Microsoft is working on Windows Goodbye: a way to lock your PC when Windows 10 notices that you've wandered off.and more »

Microsoft Appeases Swiss Data Watchdog With Windows 10 Tweaks - Fortune

Switzerland's data protection czar will not take Microsoft to court after the U.S. company agreed to adopt recommendations for improving data processing transparency for its Windows 10 operating system, the government agency said. The Swiss Federal ...and more »

Microsoft introduces privacy dashboard to help users control their data - TechSpot

One of the biggest complaints about Windows 10 is the operating system's questionable approach to privacy, but Microsoft aims to give users greater control over their data through a newly launched privacy dashboard. The tool is web-based, meaning it ...and more »