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'I never planned to be an actress': Gal Gadot set for stardom as 'Wonder Woman' - Minneapolis Star Tribune

While she's long been a household name in Israel (she won the Miss Israel pageant in 2004,) Gal Gadot (pronounced “gahl gah-DOTE”) has been comparatively unknown in the United States. “Wonder Woman” should change that. Gadot, 32, has been ...and more »

'Wonder Woman' brings escapist fun back to the DC Comics film universe - Minneapolis Star Tribune

Most people are quite young when they fall in love with the notion of superheroes, and follow their adventures with a sense of happy delight. That sort of escapist fun has been missing from movies based on DC Comics since the good old days of ...and more »

Here's the Otherworldly Beauty Who Plays Wonder Woman's Mom - POPSUGAR

While Gal Gadot is undeniably the star of Wonder Woman (it's right there in the title), another Amazonian goddess may catch your eye in the new superhero film. Hippolyta is queen of the Amazons, and she's very protective over her daughter, Princess Diana.and more »

'Wonder Woman' Hits the Big Screen: A Look at 7 Real-Life Super Heroines - Biography

Wonder Woman may be a fictional superhero, but women throughout history have demonstrated similar bravery, fighting abilities and commitment to doing what's right. With the release of the much-anticipated Wonder Woman movie today, here are seven ...and more »

Wonder Woman, film review: Super Gal to the rescue - Evening Standard

All across the DC Extended Universe, from Krypton to Gotham (but most audibly from Warner Bros HQ) you can hear the sighs of relief. Thank god for Wonder Woman. After the long wait for something valuable from DC, recent purveyor of such gloomsome ...and more »

Paula Simons: Get us out from under, Wonder Woman - Edmonton Journal

I was 11 when Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman burst onto Edmonton TV screens in 1975. Today, of course, the live-action cartoon looks impossibly cheesy. But I loved it, invisible plane, golden lasso and all. The 1970s were a golden age for strong female ...and more »

Should Lebanon have banned Wonder Woman? - Middle East Eye

“Lebanon hasn't been so afraid of an Israeli woman since Ehud Barak raided Beirut in drag.” This is how Israeli newspaper Haaretz commented on the official ban in Lebanon issued this week on the newly released Wonder Woman movie. Those in favour of ...and more »

'Wonder Woman' banned in Lebanon because lead actress is Israeli - CNNMoney

But not in Lebanon. The film will not be shown in the country following a decision by the Ministry of Economy and Trade, which said in a statement that it has "taken all necessary action" to ban the film starring "the Israeli actress Gal Gadot." The ...and more »

The Complex Gender Politics of the 'Wonder Woman' Movie - Hollywood Reporter

Can Patty Jenkins make the superhero world safe for female directors? Warner Bros. gambles $150 million on its first woman-centered comic book movie with a filmmaker whose only prior big-screen credit was an $8 million indie: "I can't take on the ...and more »

Wonder Woman Is A Straight-Up Knockout -

It's 1918, the last year of World War I, and a loud brunette has just arrived in London. "I am Diana, Princess of Themyscira!" she announces. Naturally, a man interrupts. "Prince," he says, overruling her introduction. "Diana Prince." And this strong ...and more »