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Britain downplays Brexit security row - News24

Britain is officially on its way out of the European Union, after invoking Article 50 on Wednesday. Watch. WATCH. What To Read Next. {{item.title}}. Related Links. 'I am heartbroken' - London mayor after Brexit Article 50 triggeredwatch · EU vows unity ...

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SpaceX set to launch 'used rocket' - BBC News

California's SpaceX company expects to make a piece of history later when it re-flies a Falcon rocket. Traditionally, rockets are one-use only - all the elements of the vehicle are discarded in getting a satellite payload into orbit. But SpaceX has ...

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What Is Going On in Russia? - Slate Magazine

The managing editor of the Moscow Times on the opposition to Putin and what it can, and can't, accomplish. By Isaac Chotiner. Thousands of Russians demonstrated across the country Thousands of Russians countrywide protested corruption on Sunday.