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Asia's Other Revisionist Power - Foreign Affairs

Donald Trump's election as U.S. president threatens to upend the world's most important bilateral relationship. On the campaign trail, Trump promised to label China a currency manipulator and to respond to its “theft of American trade secrets” and ...and more »

Trump tells Xi Jinping: US will honor 'One China' policy - USA TODAY

Corrections and Clarifications: A previous version of this article misstated details about the "One China" policy and the timeframe of when the U.S. recognized Beijing's position that the island of Taiwan is part of China. President Trump spoke to ...and more »

Trump agrees to honour 'One China' policy despite threats - BBC News

US President Donald Trump has climbed down on past threats and agreed to honour the so-called "One China" policy. He backed the long-standing agreement during a call with Chinese President Xi Jinping, the White House said. The One China policy ...and more »

The 'One China' policy explained - CNN

(CNN) When then US President-elect Donald Trump had a 10-minute conversation with Taiwan's president Tsai Ing-wen in December 2016, he caused a huge diplomatic firestorm. Though it's not uncommon for an incoming leader of one government to speak ...and more »

Trump's Policies Benefit Mainly China - Haaretz

Vladimir Putin's Russia is not the only country standing to gain from Donald Trump's tenure and from the foreign policy he is bent on pursuing. With all due respect to Russia, with its economy hanging by a slender thread, the superpower competing with ...and more »

Did Xi Just Outmaneuver Trump? - ChinaFile

by M. Taylor Fravel, Isaac Stone Fish, David Wertime, Susan Shirk, Jorge Guajardo, Richard McGregor, Zha Daojiong, Jonathan Fenby, Francesco Sisci, Edward Friedman; February 10, 2017. The ChinaFile Conversation is a weekly, real-time discussion of ...and more »

Trump, Changing Course on Taiwan, Gives China an Upper Hand - New York Times

BEIJING — By backing down in a telephone call with China's president on his promise to review the status of Taiwan, President Trump may have averted a confrontation with America's most powerful rival. But in doing so, he handed China a victory and ...and more »

Trump Foreign Policy Quickly Loses Its Sharp Edge - New York Times

WASHINGTON — When President Trump took a phone call from the leader of Taiwan in December and asserted that the United States might no longer be bound by the “One China” policy, his defenders hailed it as a show of strength — the latest delicate ...and more »

China's Youth Admire America Far More than We Knew - Foreign Policy (blog)

In early December, Chinese President Xi Jinping ordered the country's universities to “adhere to the correct political orientation.” Speaking at a conference on ideology and politics in China's colleges, he stressed that schools must uphold the Chinese ...and more »

Donald Trump decides to honor the “One China” policy - Vox

It turns out Donald Trump may not be looking for a fight with China after all. Just weeks after questioning a cornerstone of Washington's diplomatic relationship with Beijing, Trump used a Thursday night phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping to ...and more »