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Will Donald Trump mean the end of global trade? - BBC News

Free trade and globalisation had a bad 2016, but it looks like 2017 could be even worse. For decades there has been a consensus that globalisation brought more jobs, higher wages and lower prices - not just for richer countries but also for developing ...and more »

China steps up as US steps back from global leadership - The Conversation US

Chinese President Xi Jinping's appearance at last week's World Economic Forum shows global leadership is shifting, not drifting, toward Beijing. The most vigorous defense of globalization and multilateral cooperation was mounted not by an American ...and more »

How Trump can press China without resorting to a trade war - The Economist

WELCOME to the topsy-turvy new politics of trade. America, the creator and seven-decade-long defender of the global trading system, now has a president who seems determined to shake that system up and who may end by wrecking it. Although China is the ...and more »

The Resurgence of China-Vietnam Ties - The Diplomat

From January 12-15, China warmly hosted its first foreign leader in 2017: the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) chief, Secretary-General Nguyen Phu Trong. This was also Trong's first China visit since he was re-elected chief of the CPV last year and his ...and more »

Donald Trump Could Be Starting a New Cold War With China. But He Has Little Chance of Winning - TIME

There is little about the fragrant sizzle of oysters, or sheets of kelp drying by agave-fringed shores, that hints at a Cold War frontier. But on Xiaodeng, a rocky island off China's bustling southern port city of Xiamen, seafood and subterfuge go hand ...and more »

A US Navy Blockade in the South China Sea Is Not Sound Strategy - The Diplomat

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's South China Sea comments during his confirmation hearings raised more than a few eyebrows. Tillerson seemed to suggest a blockade of newly constructed military installations in the SCS, an action that could, at the ...and more »

Is Trump ready for war in the South China Sea, or is his team just not being clear? - Washington Post

Was this a prelude to a major escalation in the South China Sea, or is the Trump administration having trouble articulating its foreign policy? On Monday, new White House spokesman Sean Spicer said the United States would prevent China from taking over ...and more »

Trump's decision to kill TPP leaves door open for China - CNNMoney

Chinese President Xi Jinping test drove a new message last week at the World Economic Forum. China, he said, would defend globalization against populist forces that want to end free trade. On Monday, Donald Trump handed Xi the car keys and threw in a ...and more »

America, China and the risk of a trade war - The Economist

DONALD TRUMP'S quest to protect American workers from cheating foreigners has begun. But in his first flurry of policy tweets and executive orders, China, his favourite bogeyman, was conspicuously absent. On the campaign trail he deplored China's ...and more »

iPhones, jeans, umbrellas and sex toys may cost more if there's a US-China trade war - Hong Kong Free Press

By Karishma Vaswani. As Asia Business Correspondent for BBC World News I have been monitoring and analysing Donald Trump's rise to power very closely and while he may be accused of flip-flopping on many issues – there is one thing he's been ...and more »