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Pushy parents at Easter egg hunt create 'a mess' - KATC Lafayette News

ORANGE, Conn. (AP) - An Easter egg hunt organizer compared pushy parents to locusts after the hunt turned into a shoving match at the visitor center of candy company Pez. Saturday's event in Orange, Connecticut, drew hundreds of people, some of whom ...and more »

Yoga to be a part of final Easter celebrations of Obama administration in White House - The Indian Express

Professional Yoga instructors will have sessions with thousands of Americans who are expected to throng the sprawling White House lawns in Washington on Monday for Easter Egg celebrations, the final Easter for Obama Administration. A “Yoga Garden” is ...and more »

What is Easter all about? Resurrection or eggs and bunnies? - Vox

Walk past any store's Easter display and you're guaranteed to see bunnies, eggs, and candy. What you probably won't see is much evidence of the Easter story itself, as told in the Bible's four Gospels: that Jesus was arrested, beaten, and crucified ...and more »

Eggs uncracked: Everything you wanted to know, from cost to cooking styles - OCRegister

It's Easter time, and even if a bunny hasn't left any eggs for you, we have a few questions to test your egg knowledge. THE U.S. OF EGG. Q: Which U.S. state produces the most eggs? The 2015 egg production for the U.S. was 96.4 billion. Here are the top ...and more »

The Curious History Of Easter Eggs From Birth To Burial - Forbes

Ever wonder why the humble egg is the focus of the most important Christian holiday? The egg is ubiquitous and cheap today, but this incredible, edible source of protein was, millennia ago, a potent religious symbol. The curious history of the Easter ...and more »

How To Make Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs For Easter -

The countdown to Easter has begun! Easter time is full of family gatherings which often include bunnies, baskets and of course, eggs and egg dyeing. The American Egg Board says the average person consumed one-and-a-half dozen eggs at Easter in 2015.and more »

Hard-Boiled Easter Eggs Recipes: 10 Recipe Ideas For Leftover Eggs From Sunday Celebrations - International Business Times

The kids have already found and/or eaten most of the dozens of Easter eggs you hard-boiled, dyed and hid this year. But now you've got no idea of what to do with the leftovers. Fret not! A crate full of eggs isn't a bad thing. Hard-boiled eggs can be ...and more »

5 ways to use leftover Easter eggs and egg dye - OCRegister

Easter eggs are so cute and colorful, but what can you do with them when the Easter Bunny has disappeared? Here are ideas for using them up, but don't eat them if they're cracked or have been out all day long. (Can you spell s-a-l-m-o-n-e-l-l-a?) Feed ...and more »

PEZ Easter Egg Hunt Canceled After Parents Cause Chaos - Hartford Courant

ORANGE — PEZ Candy USA abruptly ended its Easter egg hunt when chaos broke out among the 1,000 participants at the annual event Saturday morning. In a statement released on Facebook, PEZ officials said parents rushed the field and ignored staff ...and more »

PEZ Cancels Easter Egg Hunt After Parents Cause Huge 'Mess' - TIME

An Easter egg hunt hosted annually by PEZ Candy USA was canceled abruptly after parents rushed the field early and caused a “mess,” the company said. Chaos erupted shortly after the Saturday hunt began when some parents ignored the planned three ...and more »