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Facebook is testing a second News Feed without posts from your friends - Business Insider

Don't be surprised when you eventually see a new rocketship tab in your Facebook app. The tab is essentially a second News Feed, except without any posts or baby pictures from your friends. Instead, Facebook is using the tab to only show recommended ...and more »

Some Facebook users are seeing a rocket icon in their app. Here's what it does - Mashable

In recent weeks, some users have started noticing a rocket-shaped icon in their Facebook mobile app. The icon, positioned right next to the main news feed icon, gives you a different type of news feed, one which displays popular posts from people and ...and more »

Your News Feed is such a mess that Facebook is giving you another one - Mashable

There's nothing quite like a clean slate — especially one that's pre-populated with a generous helping of algorithmically generated spam. Perhaps realizing that the News Feed has over the years morphed into a cluttered mess, Facebook has started ...and more »

Some Facebook Users Are Seeing A New Rocket Icon In The App - Ubergizmo

When it comes to testing out new features and designs for its mobile app, Facebook is pretty well-known for that as more often than not, users do see features pop up on the app that some of their friends might not have, and vice versa, only to have ...and more »

Facebook's rocket ship icon is a test flight for a secondary news feed - PCWorld

If you see a rocket-ship icon on your Facebook feed on iOS or Android (top of the screen for Android, bottom for iOS), it's apparently because Facebook thinks one news feed is not enough. The social media platform is testing a second timeline where you ...and more »

A mysterious rocket icon has appeared on Facebook's menu bar -

Facebook has almost silently rolled out a new feature, and icon, to a select number of users. The Facebook rocket icon has appeared on the menu at the bottom of the app, on iOS, and the top of the app on Android. Clicking the icon brings up a second ...and more »

Here's why those ugly colored text posts are taking over Facebook - The Daily Dot

If you live your life on Facebook, you've probably noticed a flood of extra color in your feed in the last few months. You'll be scrolling through your friend's posts only to discover a giant colorful box surrounding one of their posts. Facebook Color ...and more »

Secret rocket icon on Facebook - What is it? - Deccan Chronicle

A “rocket ship” icon appearing on the Facebook app, adjacent to the News Feed button, is prompting many users to wonder “what is the Facebook rocket ship icon?” The rocket ship icon is actually a second Facebok's New Feed that the social media website ...and more »

Here's the deal with those colorful status updates on Facebook - Mashable

If your Facebook News Feed is looking a bit more colorful recently, there's good reason: The company is thirsty for your precious personal content. Facebook has been rolling out a new way to post status updates since the end of last year. Write ...and more »

Facebook's new rocket button launches a second News Feed - TNW

Some Facebook users have recently spotted a new 'rocket ship' button in the mobile app, alongside the News Feed button. Depending on whether you use iOS or Android, it's at the bottom or top of your screen. It's essentially a second feed of content ...and more »