Why tiny Gambia's political transition holds outsized meaning for many Africans - Christian Science Monitor

I always like it when a few words convey a lot – in this case, #LessonsfromGambia. From where? The oft-overlooked country – and its neighbors – just sent a loud message to African leaders who hang on too long, and to citizens eager for change. – Amelia ...and more »

Gambia lifts state of emergency - Irish Independent

Gambia's MPs have lifted the country's state of emergency and dismantled defeated leader Yahya Jammeh's final attempts to cling to power. On Tuesday, parliamentarians ended the state of emergency imposed just a week ago. They also revoked the ...and more »

Democracy is good but trade matters too - Financial Times

The Economic Community of West African States this month sent troops to surround Gambia in an ultimately successful effort to push Yahya Jammeh, the west African country's illegitimate leader, from power. But what was an economic organisation doing ...and more »

Gambian lawmakers revoke Jammeh's state of emergency - africanews

The last presidential declaration of Yahya Jammeh, a three month state of emergency, has been lifted by the National Assembly. A journalist in the capital reports that a member of Jammeh's party apologized for the declaration.and more »

Gambia: Barrow expected back on Thursday, economy top priority - africanews

Gambia's new president Adama Barrow says the country's economy is his top priority when he returns to Banjul, as he promises a new cabinet and creation of new jobs in a road map to the country's recovery. He is due to return to Gambia on Thursday, ...and more »

Bye bye Jammeh: Hope and challenges in The Gambia - IRINnews.org

Only disgraced ex-president Yahya Jammeh's most hardcore supporters turned up to watch as he boarded a private jet at the weekend for exile in Equatorial Guinea. Some soldiers and members of his political party cried and shouted: “Daddy, Daddy”. Others ...and more »

Gambians ready to rebuild their country 'from scratch' - Aljazeera.com

Following the departure of their former president, Yahya Jammeh, Gambians reflect on the opportunities ahead. 25 Jan 2017 14:47 GMT |. Listen to this page using ReadSpeaker. 0; All Social. Gambians are celebrating a new political dawn after the ...and more »

Gambia's new president Adama Barrow set to return home - Financial Times

Adama Barrow, Gambia's new president, is set to finally return to his west African nation after a week of uncertainty during which his autocratic predecessor desperately sought to cling to power and regional forces entered the country. Sample the FT's ...and more »

Gambia President Adama Barrow: 'Peaceful Transition More Important Than Yahya Jammeh's Luxury Cars' - Newsweek

Gambia's President Adama Barrow has vowed to maintain peace as his main priority, rather than preventing exiled ruler Yahya Jammeh from keeping hold of his fortune. Speaking to Newsweek from the Senegalese capital Dakar on Tuesday, President ...and more »

With the End of Jammeh's Rule, Prison Doors Swing Open in Gambia - The Wire

Hundreds of Gambians disappeared during Jammeh's rule but the newly elected government said that all political detainees without trial will be released. Tijan Barrow, 35, part of the youth coalition and in charge of printing #Gambiahasdecided T-shirts.and more »