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Scientists want to map world's oceans, Google helping - TweakTown

150 oceanographers are on board for a 14-year long project that will map the Earth's unknown ocean floor. The plan is to use sonar-equipped ships, unmanned submarines, and other vessels to create a Google Maps-style guide to the mountains, valleys, and ...and more »

Scientists implementing a Google Maps-esque approach to unearthing the secrets of the world's oceans -

SCIENTISTS from around the globe are implementing a Google Maps-esque approach to unearthing the secrets hiding in the depths of the world's oceans. Matthew Dunn@mattydunn11 · 8, 20163:51pm. The ocean floor might soon become mapped ...and more »

Scientists unearth the secrets of the ocean using Google Maps-style mapping - International Business Times UK

With only 5% of the world's seafloor mapped in any real detail, scientists are now planning to take a Google Maps-style approach to unearthing the secrets of the oceans. The ultimate aim, helping ships and submarines to traverse the seas in safety ...and more »

Scientists want to create Google Maps for the world's oceans - New York Post

Using sonar aboard ships, unmanned submarines and other vessels, ambitious researchers hope to build over the next 14 years a Google Maps-style guide to mountains, valleys and volcanoes deep underwater, the Sunday Times of London reported. The project ...and more »

Google denies deleting Palestine from Maps following online uproar -

Google has been forced to deny accusations it has deleted Palestine from Maps after a bug led labels on the West Bank and Gaza to disappear. Advertisement. After critics claimed Palestine had been "airbrushed" out, the tech giant explained to WIRED ...and more »

Google Maps accused of deleting Palestine – but the truth is more complicated - The Guardian

'There has never been a “Palestine” label on Google Maps,' said a spokesperson. Photograph: Google Maps. Google Maps. Google Maps accused of deleting Palestine – but the truth is more complicated. Condemnation leads to outrage about Google 'removing ...and more »

Google Maps did not 'delete' Palestine — but it does impact how you see it - Washington Post

Users view Google Maps more than a billion times each week: It's one of the world's largest sources of geographic data and the first place many of us turn when we need to locate something. So it makes sense that, when a Gaza City-based journalism group ...and more »

Beyond The Map: Google Maps Takes You Beyond Rio 2016 Olympics And Into The Heart Of The Favelas - Tech Times

People from all corners of the globe can now revel in the excitement of the 2016 Rio Olympics — even without leaving their home. Google Maps is taking sports enthusiasts right into the heart of Brazil's famous city, which will be the home of more than ...and more »

Take an immersive tour of Rio's favelas in Google's new interactive web documentary - Business Insider

Ever wondered what goes on in Rio when the Olympics aren't there? A new Google Arts & Culture project gives a glimpse into life in the city's favelas, the informal, largely unmapped slums that house one in five people in the city. Called "Beyond the ...and more »

This Is Why Palestine Doesn't Appear on Google Maps - Fortune

A Gaza City journalism group sparked outrage on social media Tuesday after they claimed Palestine was deleted from Google Maps. Maps normally shows a dashed border around the West Bank and Gaza Strip, defining cities in those regions as Palestinian if ...and more »