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Scientists unearth the secrets of the ocean using Google Maps-style mapping - International Business Times UK

With only 5% of the world's seafloor mapped in any real detail, scientists are now planning to take a Google Maps-style approach to unearthing the secrets of the oceans. The ultimate aim, helping ships and submarines to traverse the seas in safety ...and more »

Scientists want to map world's oceans, Google helping - TweakTown

150 oceanographers are on board for a 14-year long project that will map the Earth's unknown ocean floor. The plan is to use sonar-equipped ships, unmanned submarines, and other vessels to create a Google Maps-style guide to the mountains, valleys, and ...and more »

Scientists implementing a Google Maps-esque approach to unearthing the secrets of the world's oceans -

Now, scientists are implementing a Google Maps-esque approach to unearthing the secrets of the world's oceans. Currently, only five per cent of Earth's sea floor has been mapped in any real detail, which makes it hard for ships and submarines to ...and more »

Scientists want to create Google Maps for the world's oceans - New York Post

Scientists want to map the planet's vast, unknown ocean floor. Using sonar aboard ships, unmanned submarines and other vessels, ambitious researchers hope to build over the next 14 years a Google Maps-style guide to mountains, valleys and volcanoes ...and more »

Google explains why Palestine isn't labeled in Maps - Engadget

Services like Google Maps have not just functional but symbolic importance, as a bug on a map of Israel has proved. A Gaza City journalism group spotted a change in the way Google represented Palestine on a map of Israel, causing outrage on both ...and more »

Google Maps accused of deleting Palestine – but the truth is more complicated - The Guardian

Condemnation leads to outrage about Google 'removing' country from map – but the country has never been labelled on the mapping service. Elena Cresci · @elenacresci. Wed 10 Aug 2016 05.50 EDT Last modified on Tue 21 Feb 2017 12.17 EST. Share on ...and more »

Google Maps Palestine row: why neutrality in tech is an impossible dream - The Guardian

Just as there is no single, standardised world map, our digital maps take various forms – and it matters who is drawing them and how they're drawn. Thu 11 Aug 2016 07.00 EDT Last modified on Tue 21 Feb 2017 12.17 EST. Share on Facebook · Share on ...and more »

Google Maps did not 'delete' Palestine — but it does impact how you see it - Washington Post

Users view Google Maps more than a billion times each week: It's one of the world's largest sources of geographic data and the first place many of us turn when we need to locate something. So it makes sense that, when a Gaza City-based journalism group ...and more »

Take an immersive tour of Rio's favelas in Google's new interactive web documentary - Business Insider

Ever wondered what goes on in Rio when the Olympics aren't there? A new Google Arts & Culture project gives a glimpse into life in the city's favelas, the informal, largely unmapped slums that house one in five people in the city. Called "Beyond the ...and more »

Disputed territories: where Google Maps draws the line - The Guardian

Stick, say, “Wales” into Google Maps: a solid red outline shows the country's borders, the interior is given a red tint and the word “Wales” shows up in bold red letters. Wales is Wales is Wales. Now search for “Palestine” to get a sense of how fraught ...and more »