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Chrome starts retiring Flash in favor of HTML5 - Ars Technica

Last year, Chrome made Flash ads click-to-play; now, Google is trying to kill off Flash completely. Starting with Chrome 53, due out early next month, the browser will automatically block tiny and non-visible Flash content, such as tracking and ...and more »

Adobe Flash will soon be going the way of the dodo in Google Chrome - Digital Trends

Bill Roberson/Digital Trends Mozilla effectively pulled the plug on Flash last month with the announcement that it would begin to automatically block certain content, and Google's Chrome's announcement on Tuesday signaled yet another death knell for ...and more »

Google Chrome is officially killing Flash starting next month - The Next Web

Google Chrome is helping kill Flash. Moving forward, the browser will “de-emphasize” Flash in favor of HTML5. The slow bandaid-pull starts in September with Chrome 53. Google's reasoning for the switch is Flash is — well, Flash: Today, more than 90 ...and more »

Flash is (almost) dead, long live HTML 5: Chrome is finally ditching Adobe's software -

Google Chrome is to start phasing out Adobe's Flash in favour of HTML5, which will be the default choice by December. The long goodbye is due to start in September, with the introduction of Google Chrome 53, which is currently in beta testing mode.and more »

Google Details Timeline to Kill Flash in Chrome - Laptop Mag

The guillotine is coming for Flash's head. Today (Aug. 9), Google announced its timeline to stop supporting Adobe's Flash Player. awsnap. Starting in September, Chrome build 53 will start blocking Flash related to behind-the-scenes features like ...and more »

Google Chrome finally axes Flash - for good - IT PRO

Google Chrome will begin blocking 90 per cent of the web's Flash content from next month. The announcement marks the latest step in Google's move away from Flash and towards the much more stable and versatile HTML5 standard. "You'll see an ...and more »

How to force HTML5 video on - Ghacks Technology News is a popular streaming site on the Internet with a strong focus on gaming related content. You can tune in and watch various people play games, talk about games, or watch gaming related events streamed live like the Dota 2 International ...and more »

Google Chrome will beat Flash to death with a shovel: Why... won't... you... just... die! - The Register

By the end of the year, Google Chrome will block virtually all Flash content and make whatever's left click-to-play by default. In September, Chrome 53 will kill off all background Flash content, which is about 90 per cent of Flash on the web ...and more »

Google to push Flash closer to extinction with new version of Chrome - CNET

Google's Chrome browser will be replacing Flash Player in December. CNET. Google plans to begin pushing Adobe Flash Player closer to its inexorable grave at the end of the year with a new version of its Chrome web browser. Chrome 55, which the web ...and more »

Yes, Google Chrome Is Dumping Adobe Flash This Year - Fortune

The end is nigh for Adobe Flash. Google (goog, -0.87%) Chrome plans to kick the software, known for its bugginess and perennial security flaws, to the curb this year. The team behind the popular web browser reiterated its commitment to ditching Adobe's ...and more »