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Overwatch continues to grow at a mind-boggling pace - The Verge

Blizzard's team shooter Overwatch has added another 5 million players, for a total of 30 million worldwide, in the last three months. That might not be so remarkable of a milestone for the World of Warcraft creator, which makes some of the world's most ...and more »

Heroes of the Storm's 2.0 update is about rewards, not changing the game - VentureBeat

The developer has made a big to-do about Heroes of the Storm 2.0, effectively relaunching its free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) for PC. It launched earlier this week, introducing a new rewards program that takes a lot of cues from ...and more »

Blizzard: Overwatch passes 30 million players on PC and consoles - VentureBeat

Blizzard Entertainment revealed today that Overwatch, its class-based team shooter, has surpassed 30 million players since launching in May of last year. The game has caught on with a huge audience on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 thanks to its ...and more »

Overwatch Just Passed A Milestone In Users - Cinema Blend

Blizzard Entertainment announced that they've hit a major milestone with their colorful and widely popular first-person shooter, Overwatch. Following up on their goal of passing 25 million registered users in January of this year, they've now managed ...and more »

How To Fake Your Way Through Conversations About The Hottest Video Games - Kotaku

You're at a social gathering and the people you're with start talking about games. Games you've never played. You listen along and laugh and nod, but you start to wonder if maybe you should say something. I've written the following guide for faking ...and more »

I Can't Stand Overwatch's Quick Play Anymore - Kotaku

I have a confession: I have become an Overwatch meta slave. I rarely pick heroes other players think are “bad.” I won't take risks with our tank-healer balance. And, most important, I will seethe when my team doesn't reflect the holy comp du jour. Did ...and more »

Blizzard's Overwatch surges to over 30 million players - SlashGear

Overwatch, the recent FPS from developer Blizzard, has been a bona fide smash hit since its release almost a year ago. And for good reason: it's one of the most original and exciting multiplayer games to along in some time, and it's full of refreshing ...and more »

Buggy D.Va Is Temporarily Unplayable In Overwatch (Update: She's Back!) - Kotaku

Blizzard announced that due to an Overwatch bug, D.Va has been removed from the game for the time being. UPDATE April 28 - 2:50am: Blizzard announced she's returned to the game: Error loading player: No playable sources found. Original story continues ...and more »

Overwatch Tops 30 Million Players - Hardcore Gamer

Overwatch is well into it's fourth season and has season a great amount of success along the way. Blizzard is about to hold the game's second World Cup and have a professional scene hosted by themselves on the horizon. The team is constantly releasing ...and more »

Uprising is the best case for an Overwatch campaign yet - PC Gamer

Playing Overwatch's PvE Uprising event made me want an Overwatch campaign more than ever. Even though you're just running around a reskinned multiplayer map, it felt closer to playing Left 4 Dead than it did Overwatch. It's a fun mode with a ...and more »