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HP recalls an additional 101000 batteries over fire concerns - TechCrunch

Back in June, HP recalled 41,000 batteries in the US over concerns surrounding overheating, fire and burn hazards. This week, the company's tacked a pretty massive number onto that tally, adding 101,000 additional batteries (on top of around 4,000 in ...and more »

HP Recalls 101000 Laptop Batteries Due to Fire Hazard - BleepingComputer

HP issued a recall today for 101,000 Panasonic batteries that the company used in various laptop and notebook models, sold between March 2013 and October 2016. This is the second recall HP has issued in the past year, after it previously recalled 41 ...and more »

HP Expands Lithium-Ion Battery Recall To Include 101000 Additional Laptops - Consumerist

Seven months after HP recalled 41,000 laptops because the lithium-ion batteries could overheat, causing explosions and fires, the company is expanding the recall to cover 101,000 additional batteries in HP and Compaq computers. The expanded recall ...and more »

HP Recalls Over 100000 Laptop Batteries Due to Potential Fire and Burn Hazards - AnandTech

HP has expanded its voluntary recall of batteries due to fire and burn hazards. The batteries were used for various laptops sold under the HP and Compaq brands between March 2013 and October 2016. In total, the company has recalled over 140 thousand ...and more »

HP Inc. Recalls Over 100000 Batteries - Fortune

HP, Inc. is recalling roughly 101,000 batteries due to the possibility that they may overheat and cause fires. The PC maker's announcement comes after a previous battery recall in June that affected 41,000 batteries, according to a notice Tuesday by ...and more »

HP recalls 101000 laptop batteries over fire concerns - The Verge

HP is recalling around 101,000 lithium-ion batteries used in the company's range of laptops. The recall is an expansion from the 41,000 recalled back in June, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission claims affected batteries could overheat “posing ...and more »

HP Inc recalls 101000 laptop batteries before they halt and catch fire - The Register

HP Inc is warning that over 101,000 laptop batteries sold in the US, Canada, and Mexico are at risk of catching fire, and it would like them back please. The new recall is an extension of an earlier announcement in June, which covered more than 40,000 ...and more »

HP recalls more than 100000 batteries for possible overheating - CNET

Samsung's not the only one with battery woes. HP has recalled more than 100,000 lithium-ion batteries used in its notebook computers, according to a notice Tuesday by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The recall is in addition to one from HP in ...and more »

HP recalls an additional 101000 laptop batteries over fire and burn hazards - TechSpot

HP last June recalled more than 40,000 lithium-ion notebook batteries due to fire and burn hazards after receiving seven reports of battery packs overheating, melting or charring. On Tuesday, HP voluntarily expanded the recall to include an additional ...and more »

HP laptop batteries are catching fire – Find out if yours is dangerous - TechnoBuffalo

The United States Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) announced a massive recall of HP and Compaq computer batteries this week that includes more than 100,000 laptops. Batteries inside the laptop are prone to overheating and causing ...and more »