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Waymo-Uber judge says may grant injunction if key witness takes fifth - Business Insider

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The U.S. judge overseeing a blockbuster case over self-driving car technology suggested Uber could face an injunction if a key Uber executive does not testify for fear of exposing himself to criminal prosecution, according to ...and more »

Uber Executive Invokes Fifth Amendment, Seeking to Avoid Potential Charges - New York Times

SAN FRANCISCO — An Uber executive accused of stealing driverless car technology from his former employers at Google is exercising his Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination, according to his lawyers. The lawyers for Anthony Levandowski, the ...and more »

The Judge In The Waymo VS. Uber Case Is Not Fucking Around - Jalopnik

Uber has taken some serious flak over the last 48 hours for its effort to move its high-profile legal battle with Waymo into arbitration. But the judge overseeing the case, William Alsup, says both parties are over-redacting pleadings like crazy and ...and more »

Uber's Anthony Levandowski invokes Fifth Amendment rights in Waymo suit - TechCrunch

Uber executive and Otto co-founder Anthony Levandowski is asserting his Fifth Amendment rights in regard to a lawsuit filed by Waymo against Uber, which accuses the company and Levandowski of stealing technology related to autonomous vehicles from ...and more »

Google's case against Uber just took an unexpected turn - Business Insider

Uber's CEO Travis Kalanick with Anthony Levandowski Associated Press In an unexpected twist to the Uber vs Google case, lawyers for Anthony Levandowski, the star engineer at the center of the trade-secret dispute, have advised him to exercise his fifth ...and more »

Google's Claim Against Former Executive Could Help Uber in Driverless-Car Lawsuit - New York Times

SAN FRANCISCO — Several months before filing a lawsuit against Uber, Google demanded arbitration against the head of Uber's self-driving car unit, claiming that he used confidential salary information while trying to poach former colleagues to a new ...and more »

Google secretly sought arbitration against its former self-driving guru months before the Uber lawsuit - Business Insider

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick with Otto's Anthony Levandowski Associated Press Google had already quietly sued Uber's head of self-driving vehicles, Anthony Levandowski, months before it filed its bombshell lawsuit against the ride-hailing company ...and more »

Waymo pursued arbitration with Anthony Levandowski before it sued Uber - TechCrunch

Google's self-driving car unit, Waymo, pursued arbitration against one of its star engineers last fall before filing a lawsuit in February against his current employer, Uber, for theft of trade secrets. Waymo claims that its former employee Anthony ...and more »

Judge Alsup Wants Uber & Waymo To Teach Him How To LiDAR Prior To Self-Driving Car Case - Techdirt

Judge William Alsup certainly continues to make himself known for how he handles technology-intensive cases. In techie circles, he's mostly known for presiding over the Oracle/Google Java API copyright case, and the fact that he claimed to have learned ...and more »

Judge steams as Uber exec withholds documents and pleads the 5th - Ars Technica

A former Google engineer, now working for Uber, used his Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination this week. He did so to avoid turning over documents in the Waymo v. Uber trade-secret litigation. Anthony Levandowski, the head of Uber's ...and more »