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Man dies during op to make his penis bigger after fat injected into his member leaked into his veins - The Sun

A HEALTHY young fella in Sweden has died during penis enlargement surgery which involved injecting fat from his tummy into his manhood. Fears are growing for the safety of the procedure after the fluid injected into the perfectly healthy 30-year-old's ...and more »

Man dies from penis enlargement surgery in Sweden - The Independent

A healthy 30-year-old man in Stockholm has died after undergoing penis enlargement surgery. Aside from a minor case of asthma, the deceased suffered from no other pre-existing medical conditions. He had requested penile elongation and penile ...and more »

Swedish Man Dies During Penis Enlargement Surgery - Allure Magazine

A man in Sweden has died while undergoing penis enlargement surgery. According to a report in the Journal of Forensic Sciences, the patient was a 30-year-old man from Stockholm who had no prior conditions other than mild asthma. However, towards the ...and more »

Man Dies In Penis Enlargement Surgery: What Went Wrong - Medical Daily

The life of a man in Sweden was cut short during a surgical procedure to lengthen and widen his penis size. The healthy 30-year-old man, without any pre-existing medical conditions, is the first to die from penis enlargement surgery, a procedure that ...and more »

Man dies during penis enlargement surgery - Metro

A man has died while undergoing penis enlargement surgery. While under the knife the man was having fat moved from his torso down towards his genitalia. US-Relocating Mountain Goats, 4th Ld-Writethru,543 Hundreds of goats being Hundreds of goats ...and more »

Man Dies From Penis Enlargement Surgery - Opposing Views

A man in Sweden is dead after undergoing an operation to increase the size of his penis. The fatal operation was performed at a private plastic surgery clinic in Stockholm, Sweden. "This is the first described case where a seemingly simple and safe ...and more »

Swedish Man Dies During Penis Enlargement Surgery: Report - International Business Times

A man reportedly died during penis enlargement surgery in Sweden, according to reports. Besides asthma, he had no significant health conditions. The 30-year-old man died during routine plastic surgery, the Journal of Forensic Sciences reported Monday.and more »

Man dies from penis enlargement surgery in first ever fatal case - Daily Mail

The first case of a man killed by penis enlargement surgery has been reported in Sweden. A healthy 30-year-old had wanted to increase both the girth and length of his genitals using a process where fat is transferred from his stomach. Plastic surgeons ...and more »

Man's quest for bigger penis turns deadly - New York Post

This patient didn't get the happy ending he was looking for. A Swedish man was undergoing a phalloplasty, or penile elongation and girth enhancement procedure, when things went south, doctors revealed.and more »

Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know This Week [31.07.17] - D'Marge

Inject a bit of life into your Monday slog with pointless and awesome, the home of questions you've always wanted to ask but never bothered to answer. Penis Enlargement Surgery Just Caused Its First Death. +3 Photos. TumblrPinterest. The quest for ...and more »