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A Swedish man died during penis enlargement surgery in a medical first - International Business Times UK

A Swedish man has died during surgery to increase the size of his penis, in the first case reported in the world. The otherwise healthy 30-year-old was undergoing an operation to elongate and enlarge his penis using fat cells taken from his torso and ...and more »

Man dies after penis enhancement surgery goes wrong - USA TODAY

A Swedish man died after suffering complications during a penis enhancement surgery, according to a recently published case report. The 30-year-old relatively healthy patient wanted a penile elongation and girth enhancement surgery, which includes ...and more »

Man dies from penis enlargement surgery in Sweden - The Independent

Aside from a minor case of asthma, the deceased suffered from no other pre-existing medical conditions. He had requested penile elongation and penile enlargement, often carried out in the same procedure, which is typically done by extracting unwanted ...and more »

Man's quest for bigger penis turns deadly - New York Post

A Swedish man was undergoing a phalloplasty, or penile elongation and girth enhancement procedure, when things went south, doctors revealed. More On: penises · The sex positions most likely to break a penis · Ibuprofen linked to male infertility: study ...and more »

Man Dies In Penis Enlargement Surgery: What Went Wrong - Medical Daily

Cucumbers A man in Sweden dies during surgery to increase his penis size. Photo courtesy of Pexels, Public Domain. Share · Tweet · Share · E-mail. The life of a man in Sweden was cut short during a surgical procedure to lengthen and widen his penis ...and more »

Man Dies From Penis Enlargement Surgery - Peace FM Online

The first case of a man killed by penis enlargement surgery has been reported in Sweden. A healthy 30-year-old had wanted to increase both the girth and length of his genitals using a process where fat is transferred from his stomach. Plastic surgeons ...and more »

Man dies during penis enlargement surgery - Metro

While under the knife the man was having fat moved from his torso down towards his genitalia. Father and daughter swept away and killed by avalanche in French Alps. However, the 30-year-old died following a leakage of the material injected into his ...and more »

Swedish Man Dies During Penis Enlargement Surgery - Allure Magazine

A man in Sweden has died while undergoing penis enlargement surgery. According to a report in the Journal of Forensic Sciences, the patient was a 30-year-old man from Stockholm who had no prior conditions other than mild asthma. However, towards the ...and more »

'Healthy' man, 30, suffers heart attack and dies after undergoing surgery to make his penis bigger -

A "healthy" young man suffered a heart attack and died after undergoing surgery to make his penis bigger, it has emerged. The 30-year-old passed away within hours of the operation, with his "sudden" death believed to be the first case of its kind. The ...and more »

Swedish Man Dies During Penis Enlargement Surgery: Report - International Business Times

71204343 A kidney is implanted in the groin area by Consultant Surgeon Andrew Ready and his team during a live donor kidney transplant at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham June 9, 2006, in Birmingham, England. Photo: Getty Images. A man ...and more »