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If Trump Wants War, He Owes Americans an Explanation - The Atlantic

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's defenders argue that, while he may be an awkward public face for American diplomacy, behind the scenes he has been successfully building support among other countries for President Donald Trump's policies. While U.S. ...and more »

Trump Says Tillerson Is 'Wasting His Time' on North Korea - New York Times

WASHINGTON — President Trump undercut his own secretary of state on Sunday, calling his effort to open lines of communication with North Korea a waste of time, and seeming to rule out a diplomatic resolution to the nuclear-edged confrontation with ...and more »

Why Can't China Control Kim Jong-un? It's Family History. - FRONTLINE

To the frustration of President Trump, China seems to be losing leverage over the young dictator next door. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un keeps biting the hands of Beijing elders who provide his otherwise friendless state with fuel, food and ...and more »

As US launches DDoS attacks, N. Korea gets more bandwidth—from Russia - Ars Technica

As the US reportedly conducts a denial-of-service attack against North Korea's access to the Internet, the regime of Kim Jong Un has gained another connection to help a select few North Koreans stay connected to the wider world—thanks to a Russian ...and more »

Secret talks can cool tensions between US and North Korea - The Hill

The confrontation with North Korea is accelerating toward a potentially catastrophic climax. Neither side in its right mind wants to start a nuclear war, but this is where we are headed if both Washington and Pyongyang do not appreciate how the growing ...and more »

Five lessons from the weirdest North Korea crisis yet - The Interpreter

An acrobatic team performing during the 69th South Korea Armed Forces Day on 28 September. (Photo: Jeon Heon-Kyun-Pool/Getty Images). By. Robert E Kelly · @Robert_E_Kelly. By. Robert E Kelly ,. COMMENTS. 3 October 2017 17:17. 1 Comment.and more »

North Korea Called Me a 'War Maniac.' I Ignored Them, and Trump Should Too. - POLITICO Magazine

The last time events on the Korean Peninsula were in a state of crisis as urgent as what we are experiencing now was in 1994, when President Bill Clinton drew a line by saying the United States would not allow North Korea to develop the enriched ...and more »

Russia Provides New Internet Connection to North Korea - 38 North

A major Russian telecommunications company appears to have begun providing an Internet connection to North Korea. The new link supplements one from China and will provide back-up to Pyongyang at a time the US government is reportedly attacking its ...and more »

A Nuclear Deal With North Korea May Be Tillerson's Mission Impossible - New York Times

TOKYO — For those worried about a nuclear war between North Korea and the United States, the weekend disclosure by Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson that the two nations were in direct communication was a rare glimmer of hope that a diplomatic ...and more »

Trump says Rex Tillerson 'wasting his time' with North Korea negotiations - The Guardian

US officials attempt to strike unified tone after president's Twitter outburst threatens to undermine Rex Tillerson's position during crucial Beijing visit. Martin Pengelly and Ed Pilkington in New York, Tom Phillips in Beijing and Justin McCurry in ...and more »